ZMA Review

I try to subscribe to a healthy lifestyle and only use organic and natural products in an effort to improve the environment.  So when I wanted to increase my muscle mass I sought out a product that would give me the desired results but without any of the problems associated with synthetic supplements.  See, I had heard that when you use a synthetic testosterone supplement like the kind you would have injected by the doctor you risk inhibiting natural testosterone production.  Obviously I didn’t want anything like this to happen and so I tried to find a product that could stimulate testosterone production and would not cause side effects or interfere with normal bodily processes.

ZMA was the answer for me.  It contains zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 which are three key ingredients for muscle growth.  Vitamin B6 can increase energy so that when you are working out you can do so longer and harder than you normally would be able to.  Zinc and magnesium are nutrients that get depleted after hard workouts.  Zinc helps to regulate hormones specifically testosterone and magnesium delivers oxygen to muscle tissue.  By depleting your body of these key nutrients you make it difficult to receive the full benefits of your workout and even more difficult to recover after a hard workout. That’s why I chose ZMA.  It only has nutrients that your body naturally needs to build muscle and doesn’t have harsh chemicals.

Is ZMA Safe to Use?

The reason I liked ZMA so much is because it had no unnecessary ingredients.  It won’t prevent my body from producing its own testosterone but can help to improve the natural production because after a hard workout when the levels of zinc and magnesium would normally be depleted ZMA increases these levels and therefore encourages testosterone production.

ZMA Ingredients

Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6

ZMA Pros

Obviously one of the most important things about ZMA for me is that it is all natural.  I was pleased to find a product that worked so well and left me feeling better after using it instead of too hyped up.  It did increase energy but simply by providing Vitamin B6 instead of including massive amounts of stimulants like caffeine.  ZMA made it easy to fall asleep at night so that my muscles could go to work repairing the microscopic tears that occur during a difficult workout.

ZMA Cons

There has been debate as to the effectiveness of ZMA.  It seems to be most effective when used in conjunction with a high protein diet–another thing essential for developing healthy muscles.

Lowest Online Price

Although ZMA usually retails around $32.95 we have seen it for as low as $20.

Is ZMA Worth Trying?

I had the results I desired when I used ZMA.  It gave me enough added energy that I was able to complete challenging work outs.  After I worked out I could still feel my muscles working and growing and overnight I think I had more results than I could have imagined while I was sleeping.

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