ZMA-T Review

ZMA-TYou get what the name suggests in ZMA-T. ZMA is a patented blend of vitamins and minerals designed to increase testosterone and libido. Combine that with a couple of natural extracts and you have ZMA-T.

ZMA-T was designed by Muscle Link as a safe and effective testosterone booster, according to them. But we decided to do our own research to decided if ZMA-T has what it takes to increase testosterone levels.


Unlike many dietary supplements, ZMA-T doesn’t conceal their ingredients in a proprietary blend. We like the transparency of some supplements because it shows they trust in their blend to work.

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 is considered one of the more effective testosterone boosting vitamins because it has the ability to stimulate androgen receptors in order to stimulate testosterone production, but it can also block the natural production of estrogen. Vitamin B6 is essential for the body and can be found in many of the foods we eat, but additional supplementation can only help.

Zinc is considered an anti-aromatase mineral. This means it inhibits the production of estrogen that can be caused by a boost in testosterone. When increasing testosterone levels, it is important to maintain estrogen levels at a low level to avoid unsightly side effects that can result from high estrogen levels.

Testosterone in the body can be used for more than just building muscle. It is known as a sex hormone and can increase libido. For some, this is good, but if you are simply trying to build muscle, you need an ingredient that prevents testosterone from binding to what is called a sex hormone-binding globulin. As soon as the testosterone hormone binds to the SHBG, it can no longer act toward building muscle. Magnesium has been shown to occupy SHBG, allowing for testosterone to be “free.”

Tribulus Terrestris
This natural extract is common among testosterone boosters because of its long history of success. Research suggests that tribulus works by activating androgen receptors, stimulating testosterone production in the brain’s pituitary gland. ZMA-T also contains the typical 40% saponin

Muira Puama Root
The final ingredient in ZMA-T’s blend is muira puma extract. This natural ingredient is used as a common aphrodisiac because of its ability to boost libido. While testosterone increases haven’t been scientifically proven, scientists believe the added libido comes from an increase in sex hormones like testosterone.


Along with added testosterone comes increased energy and libido. Also, testosterone boosters are generally natural and safer than prohormones or steroids, as is the case with ZMA-T. The makers of ZMA-T played it safe with the ingredients included in this blend.

Also, ZMA-T appears to have the right amount of the more active ingredients like tribulus terrestris. This supplement may not be the most powerful around, but it should get the job done without any adverse effects.


ZMA-T retails for $49.95 and does not come with a money back guarantee. While you can find this supplement for a cheaper price online, if it doesn’t end up giving you results, you would be stuck with it. If you have tried trubulus products in the past without success, you may want to steer clear of this one.

Our Recommendation

The cheapest price we were able to find online for ZMA-T was around $24, which is a decent price for a fairly solid product. You shouldn’t expect any miraculous results with ZMA-T’s formula, it appears quite possible that it can help build and recover muscle cells as well as increase libido. Despite not having a money back guarantee, we feel ZMA-T is still worth giving a try.

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