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What makes good sex?  Is it the intensity and frequency of orgasm?  Could it be the length and girth of a man’s penis?  Is it the ambiance, the setting or the desire?  All of these are important to good sexual health which means some of us can use a bit of extra help when it comes to our male libido.  If you’re looking for a testosterone booster, or just want to feel more gusto in the bedroom, you’ve come to the right place.

There are countless sexual enhancement products on the market today, so it’s easy to become confused and frustrated by the ads that promote them.  Many male enhancement and testosterone booster products claim to intensify and strengthen your erections and make them last longer while increasing sexual stamina, improving recovery time, provide mind-blowing orgasms, and enlarge the penis by two inches or more.  Xomax, manufactured by Nutritional Science Labs makes such claims; following is an excerpt from their official website:

“Xomax along with Nutritional Science Labs has created the greatest possible male enhancement and performance booster you can buy on the market today. When Xomax is taken daily you can expect rapid results and the best sexual performance of your life. The superior ingredients in Xomax are of the highest quality, we verify the purity & potency to ensure that every bottle of Xomax is 100% effective & reliable.”

Does Xomax Really Work?

Out of the seven ingredients that make up the Xomax formula, one of those is known to increase testosterone levels – which is Tribulus Terrestris.  It’s no secret that higher testosterone levels will increase sex drive – so that is what we are looking for in a male enhancement product, ingredients that will make a difference.  Claims that natural herbs will grow your penis length and girth are simply myths.  Nothing can knock your body systems back into puberty mode to re-grow your penis, but there are companies out there that want us to believe that myth so we’ll spend money on trying to make it happen.

Is Xomax Highly Recommended By Users?

“I’m currently on Xomax for 20 days and have not felt a change in length or performance.  Once or twice I might have felt a stronger, more firm erection. But Xomax’s claims of noticeable gains on the first dose are so untrue.  Now, just because it did not work for me, does not mean it won’t work for you.  I will give it until the end of my bottle.  If I don’t see improvement, then this is the last time I will buy from Nutritional Science Lab.” – N.B.

“I lost my last girlfriend due to my smallish penis, she was very frustrated with my body.  I needed help in a hurry, so I turned to the web and ordered Xomax.  I bought a six month supply for a bunch of money but it did not work for me.  At first I thought I felt a difference, but no new growth – it did make me feel good though, but did not increase my size, so I won’t keep buying it.”   – Ron A.

Does Xomax Have a Reasonable Price?

A one-month supply costs $59.99 which includes a 90-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee – that type of guarantee is difficult to find in this industry, we are impressed.  But, that’s about all we are impressed with.  The ingredients are lacking quality and the makers of Xomax never tell us how much of each ingredient is in Xomax – therefore, we will never know whether there is enough Tribulus Terrestris in Xomax to make a difference in your testosterone levels.

To bring excitement and stamina back into the bedroom, look for a testosterone booster that contains ingredients like L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus Terrestris or Maca Root in disclosed amounts so you know what you are getting.  Look for a blend that contains at least 750 mg per serving in order for your purchase to serve you well.  You deserve it, you’re worth it and your woman will thank you.  Word.

Xomax Consumer Reviews

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    I have never tried anything for this problem i have. I need to find something that will help me with this disfunction. I hope this product will do that.

    eddie mcfalls
    August 13, 2013 at 12:46 am

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