Virility Pills VP-RX Review

Are you beginning to avoid sex because you fear erectile dysfunction? Are your erections sometimes less firm and long-lasting than you would like?  If the answer is yes, you might be feeling bad about yourself.

When a man can’t get an erection, he’s missing a basic part of his masculinity.  An erect penis is the most basic symbol of being a man and it feels good to be rock-hard and ready, to show your potency to the world – or at least to the woman you’re having sex with.

If you need a little help, don’t feel bad – we understand and want to help men who may find themselves with low testosterone levels for one reason or another by reviewing T-boosters for you.  Virility Pills VP-RX Male Enhancement Formula is a natural supplement known to help sustain sexual desire and penis function. By taking this formula you may experience an increase in sexual desire, an improvement in size (both length and girth), as well as increased sexual energy and pleasure during love-making or sex.

Does Virility Pills VP-RX Really Work?

VP-RX Virility Pills contain nutrients and natural herbs that may increase blood flow to the penis resulting in larger, firmer erections. In addition, you get a number of plant extracts in the right proportions, chosen for their proven ability to enhance overall health and function of the male glands and organs.  We see then that the mail function of VP-RX is to increase blood flow to the penis area, but may not directly affect your testosterone levels.

Sadly, a lot of guys won’t do anything about low testosterone until they begin to experience signs and symptoms of impotence and erectile dysfunction.   Penile muscles are packed with androgen receptors, or in other-words – your penis needs testosterone or the penile muscles literally atrophy.  That means you cannot trap the blood necessary for an erection leading to poor performance and the ensuing performance anxiety that follows.

Are Virility Pills VP-RX Highly Recommended by its Users

About 60% of VP-RX Users are happy with the results, the other 40% have moved on to other solutions – no one wants to give up.

“I’m a 25 year old who has been taking VP-RX for just two weeks and my stamina has increased three fold.  My partner was totally impressed by how long I could last and got exhausted before I did.”  – Steve L. from Ohio

“I have been using VP-RX for 2 weeks now. So far there has been neither a change in size, nor in girth.  I also have not seen any improvement in my performance yet. But, I get easier erected and the amount of semen has increased.” – Google Review

Do Virility Pills VP-RX Have a Reasonable Price?

Each bottle costs $49.95 for 60 caps, a one-month supply.  The recommended dosage for VP-RX is two caps a day for as long as you need the extra boost.  There are other testosterone boosters available on-line for less money, make sure you do your homework, after-which you can get down to the real homework!

One more thing I should mention – Dr. Oz pointed out on one of his TV shows that if a man is overweight by 25 pounds that excessive fat can cause endocrine problems like low testosterone, which can interfere with erectile function so a man might not get fully erect.  There are many benefits a man will obtain when losing weight for improved sexual function, including renewed penis length that was hidden and obscured by extra weight.  For every 25 pounds of weight a man loses, his penis will appear to grow by One Full Inch!  It was there all along, just hidden and un-accessible.  If you have weight to lose, do yourself a favor – look for a testosterone booster that will support you in the bedroom tonight and 3 to 4 weeks from now with penis length improvements that you and your partner will marvel at, with maybe a little screaming mixed in…  Just sayin’

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