Vienue Testocell Balance Review

Everyone knows that testosterone is the male sex hormone and estrogen is the female sex hormone.  So why would there be a testosterone product created especially for women?  The truth is that testosterone is necessary in a woman’s body just as much as it is needed in a man’s body. Men have estrogen and women have testosterone but the amounts of each hormone vary based on the specific needs of a man or woman.

Vienue Testocell Balance can help to raise testosterone levels in women.  Many women notice that they have a decreased sex drive after a certain age and they frequently feel tired.  By adding a testosterone therapy to their daily routine women can feel an increase in their sex drive and may have enough energy to complete the important tasks they need to each day.

The Vienue Testocell Balance product comes in a gel that is applied to the skin daily and left to absorb into the skin.  There has been debate as to the effectiveness of creams because they are not always absorbed as well as a product taken orally.  It doesn’t contain dyes, chemicals, or preservatives so even if you are sensitive to other products you should still be able to see success when using Vienue Testocell Balance without detrimental side effects such as rashes at the application site.  It uses natural herbs to safely increase testosterone levels within the body which can increase your sex drive.

Is Vienue Testocell Balance Safe to Use?

Because Vienue Testocell Balance uses natural ingredients it is considered to be a safer product than most.  But keep in mind that because you apply it to your skin, even though they have not included dyes or preservatives, you may still experience a slight rash or irritation at the application site.  Usually, after a few uses this decreases.

Vienue Testocell Balance Ingredients

Tribulus Terrestris, DHEA, Saw Palmento Berries, Mucuna Pruriens, Epimedium Sagitatum, Maca Root, Damiana Leaf, Muira Puama

Vienue Testocell Balance Pros

Women have reported a higher sex drive after using a product like Vienue Testocell Balance because of the increased testosterone so it could certainly help to improve your sex life.

Vienue Testocell Balance Cons

The downside is that it may not be as effective for everyone because it is applied on the skin and the absorption rate may be less than you had wanted so you could think that it was doing more than it really was.  The other problem with Vienue Testocell Balance is that they automatically enroll you in an autoship program which can get expensive especially because the products can usually last for more than one month.  But since you get savings by enrolling in the autoship program you may think its worth it when in reality it would be less expensive to pay the full price every couple months instead of the discount every month.

Lowest Online Price

$35.95 but if you enroll in the autoship program it is only $29.95 after the first month.

Is Vienue Testocell Balance Worth Trying?

You could certainly try Vienue Testocell Balance to see if your sex drive was improved.  There have not been many women who have reported whether or not this was an effective product but the ingredients indicate that it could be effective at increasing testosterone levels.

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