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Like so many other supplements before it, Tribex is advertised as the “the King of Testosterone Boosters,” offering popular ingredients such as tribulus terrestris to give you the extra edge you need to make the most out of your next workout.

Created by Biotest, Tribex is a male only supplement that supposedly works naturally with the body to increase testosterone production – without the use of hormones or the need for a doctor’s prescription. Many claim that Tribex can even build lean muscle mass while promoting a healthier metabolism for increased weight loss.

But for all the claims, can the formula hold up under scrutiny?

What’s Inside the Bottle?

Tribex contains a proprietary blend of just 3 ingredients: Tribulus Terrestris, Eurycoma Longifolia, and Vitrex Agnus Castus. Though the ingredients are fairly popular among male enhancement formulas, here’s what you can basically expect from the following herbs:

Tribulus Terrestris: is one of the few herbs in the industry that is actually proven to promote an increase in testosterone levels, and experts recommend that 250 mg taken thrice daily with meals should have a temporary effect on free testosterone. However, Tribulus is also notorious for causing negative side effects (listed below), and even when taken in the right concentration, the effects become less and less over time.

Eurycoma Longifolia: shows a few promising results in animal studies, and some believe that Tribex can increase virility and sexual prowess when used correctly. However, studies have yet to test the full effects of Eurycoma Longifolia on humans, and the long-term side effects are still unknown.

Vitrex Agnus Castus: or the chaste tree berry, is commonly referred to as the “woman’s herb” due to the fact that it is primarily used to treat menstrual cycle irregularities. It seems to affect hormones that regulate women’s reproductive cycles, those some believe that it may treat benign prostatic hyperplasia in men (not proven) and stimulate sexual desire. Clinical dosages for women’s symptoms range between 20 mg to 40 mg daily, but since Tribex is a supplement for men, I’m not entirely sure why this ingredient was included in the formula.

While these ingredients aren’t bad, they’re not as reliable as manufacturers would have you believe. Even in a large proprietary blend of 840 mg, Tribex doesn’t have a lot to offer consumers – and there are plenty of reviews complaining about how Tribex does little for improving performance.

Is Tribex Safe to Use?

Even with just three active ingredients for improving performance, Tribex comes with its own range of negative side effects to watch out for.

Tribulus Terrestris, for example may cause stomach upset, nausea, and even mood swings in some individuals, while Eurycoma Longifolia has been known to cause insomnia. Vitrex Agnus Castus, though considered safe by some, may result in upset stomach, nausea, itching, rash, headaches, and insomnia.

These ingredients may also react negatively with certain kinds of medication, so please consult your doctor before using Tribex.

Recommended Usage

Tribex is meant to be taken regularly as part of your usual diet. Simple take one or two tablets in the morning on an empty stomach and an additional one or two tablets six to 8 hours later, also on an empty stomach. Do not take more than six tablets in any 24 hour time period, and be sure to cycle Tribex (5 days on, two days off – or you can use it for 4 weeks on, with 2 weeks off) to reduce stress on the liver. It may take up to four weeks before you’ll experience full results.

Because Eurycoma and Vitrex both cause insomnia, you should not take Tribex within 6 hours of bedtime; otherwise you may experience restlessness and difficulty sleeping.

It is also important that you drink plenty of water while using Tribex and follow a healthy diet and exercise program.

Women should not use Tribex!

Tribex: Pros

Because Tribex contains ingredients which can stimulate testosterone production you may notice benefits such as an increased sex drive and increased stamina.  It also contains mostly natural ingredients which is a bonus since natural ingredients generally do not cause as many side effects. While there have definitely been people who have seen increased muscle gains after using Tribex they seem to be moderate and not as impressive as some of the other products.

Tribex: Cons

If you look at consumer reviews not very many people are pleased with Tribex.  There are more complaints than anything which is concerning since a testosterone booster should have consumers pleased with their results.  People have started forums that say how dissatisfied they are with Tribex because they have not seen any of the results they were promised.

Lowest Online Price

After doing a bit of shopping around online, I found that the following sites sold Tribex for a reasonable price: $37.30 $34.95 $32.95

Each of these sites have different return policies and guarantees, so you’ll want to double check with the seller about returns before your order Tribex.

Is Tribex Worth Trying?

Unfortunately, Tribex does not appear to be one of the best products on the market. It is hard to see the benefits of using this product when so many people are stating that it does nothing. The ingredients can be effective and are also included in some of the top testosterone supplements, but Tribex must not have included them in the most effective amounts since people are not seeing the results they have been promised.

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    Rosemary Kilmisters
    July 20, 2012 at 4:06 am
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