Testostro Grow HP2 Review

Testostro Grow HP2

For men, its quite simple: The more testosterone their bodies are producing, the healthier they should be physically, emotionally and mentally.

Unfortunately, this male sex hormone isn’t always produced as abundantly as a man would like. More specifically, from the age of 25 on, a man’s testosterone levels drop by at least 7% every ten years.

So while teenagers and younger males probably don’t need to worry about their testosterone levels, any man over the age of 25 may want to consider using a testosterone supplement to boost their depleted supplies.

In this review, we’re going to focus on one testosterone booster in particular, called Testostro Grow HP2. Does this product have what it takes to significatly enhance testosterone production?

You’re about to find out…

The Product

For starters, Testostro Grow HP2 is made by the company, Ultimate Nutrition, and is found in capsule form. Speaking of capsules, each serving of Testostro Grow HP2 amounts to three capsules and contains a dosage amount of 3,000 mg!

Simply put, this is a large enough serving size to get the job done. The only question is, how capable are the key ingredients found in this testosterone booster?

The Pros

Continuing our last train of thought, you’ll find that Testostro Grow HP2 does indeed contain several proven testosterone-boosting agents, beginning with tribulus terretris extract.

This herbal extract is an extremely effective testosterone booster that is also found in many male enhancement products because of testosterone’s ability to promote libido and sexual function.

Further, the tribulus terrestris extract found in Testostro Grow HP2 contains 42% saponins, making it the most potent form of tribulus terrestris currently on the market today.

In addition to tribulus terrestris extract, this testosterone supplement also boasts of an aromatase inhibitor in chrysin. With its ability to inhibit aromatase from converting testosterone into estrogen, chrysin ensures that a man’s testosterone levels stay high while his estrogen levels remain low.

This is vital because studies have actually linked high estrogen levels in males to premature baldness and weight gain. We should also add that the chrysin found in Testostro Grow HP2 is 100% pure.

And last but not least, Testostro Grow HP2 even contains a few ingredients that are specifically used in supplements to enhance libido, including avena sativa extract. More commonly referred to as oats, avena sativa consumption has been associated with sexual enhancement according to certain studies.

The Problems

While Testostro Grow HP2 is time-released – which we failed to mention previously – it does lack the presence of an absorption enhancer according to our knowledge.

With this in mind, we wouldn’t be surprised if this product wasn’t quite as fast-acting or readily absorbent as it may seem.

The Price

At retail price, you can expect to pay $59.95 for a 42-serving bottle of Testostro Grow HP2. In our opinion, this is an acceptable price for Ultimate Nutrition to ask for – although its not a bargain of a deal by any means.

Pick It Or Pitch It?

To sum things up, Testostro Grow HP2 seems to be effective and we have no concerns about its safety. If it weren’t for the lack of an absorption enhancer, we would consider this testosterone booster to be one of the best that we’ve reviewed in recent times.

Still, we doubt that you’ll regret the decision to give Testostro Grow HP2 a try. In other words, this is a “pick it” product.

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Testostro Grow HP2 User Reviews

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    definitely worked for me. I am 48 yrs male former Div 1 football player still working out hard so have a decent gauge of what actually works. No other GNC product seemed effective…almost dare say reverse correlation to money spent. Chrysin ingredient may have been major factor for me. Give it a week at least.

    Sid Rippon
    December 5, 2013 at 11:34 pm

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