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TestoRippedTestoRipped is an extra strength testosterone booster that offers more benefits than any other supplement on the market.

The official website advertise that TestoRipped can work as a pre-workout amplifier.  Supposedly, it can give you energy, increase your muscle mass and help you to lose weight, and may even be one of the most powerful testosterone boosters available.

Interestingly enough, TestoRipped is so said to be so powerful that it was previously banned in Australia and New Zealand, though the booster has always been considered safe in the US and is not at a risk of being banned. However, the formula was recently remade and many believe that it is now safer than before and still just powerful.

TestoRipped uses 5 ingredients that can scorch fat and 4 ingredients to build muscle mass, all of which are promoted as working synergistically to give your body the best results in the shortest amount of time – but is it effective?

TestoRipped Ingredients

The ingredients in TestoRipped are the following:

testoripped supplement factsChromax: is a mineral popular used among diabetics as a natural way to control blood glucose levels. When used correctly, it may reduce appetite.

Vitamin B12: plays a small role in the body’s metabolism and some studies have shown that this vitamin may be able to reduce inflammation by inhibiting the production of cytokines.

Beta-Alanine: is a non-essential amino acid that, surprisingly enough, is not used for the production of protein. Instead, research suggests that it may be able to boost muscular endurance and strength.

Caffeine Anhydrous: stimulates the central nervous system to provide a quick boost in energy. Though effective, it may result in negative side effects.

Tribulus Terrestris: is believed to icnrease the level of free testosterone in the body and may even help to lower blood pressure and improve circulation.

Creatine Ethyl Ester: causes the muscle cells to inflate, resulting in more water and nutrients flooding into the cells. This significantly improves muscular strength, endurance, and overall performance.

Razberi-K: may be able to increase fat metabolism while inhibiting the rate of fat absorption. It comes highly recommended by experts, though additional research needs to be conducted.

Horny Goat Weed: is an aphrodisiac that can mimic the effects of testosterone, increasing libido and improving sexual performance.

Eurycoma Longifolia: may be able to increase testosterone levels in rodents, but human trials still need to be conducted.

Thermodiamine:is a unique form of evodiamine which may be able to inhibit the body’s ability to break down and eliminate caffeine.

Guggul EZ 100: optimizes the thyroid gland to ensure that your metabolism stays in peak condition.

20-Hydroxyecdysterone:promotes nitric oxide production, which in turn relaxes blood vessels and temporarily reduces blood pressure.

Is TestoRipped Safe to Use?

TestoRipped is one of the safest testosterone boosters on the market.  It is made up of natural ingredients that can build your muscles and increase your energy.  Some people who are sensitive to caffeine noticed headaches because of inclusion of that ingredient in the booster; but TestoRipped should not cause any permanent, long-lasting, or severe negative side effects.

How to Get the Best Results with TestoRipped

TestoRipped users experienced the best results when they took 2 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast, and another 2 capsules before lunch (or their next workout). If the caffeine or other stimulating ingredients are too much for your body to handle in the first few days, feel free to decrease the dosage and gradually increase the amount in order to allow your body to adjust.

Consumers should keep in mind that although TestoRipped provides an ideal environment for muscle growth and improved athletic performance, it does not build muscle on its own. You still need to participate in a healthy dieting and exercising program in order to see any long-lasting results. Additionally, drinking adequate amounts of water may be able to reduce the risk of side effects, so stay hydrated!

Pricing and Guarantee

After shopping around, I noticed that the best deals and promotions for TestoRipped come directly from the manufacturers at TestoRipped.com. A single bottle of TestoRipped can be purchased for $49.99, though if you order in bulk you can have access to free shipping and a 90 day guarantee.

While you can purchase TestoRipped for a cheaper price (About $30) on sites such as Amazon.com, you’ll have to check with the individual store return policies to see whether or not the product is covered.

Consumers should keep in mind that TestoRipepd is illegal in Australia and New Zealand – so it may be difficult to purchase if you live outside of the US.

As for Returns?

TestoRipped comes with a money-back guarantee, and if you’re not satisfied with your results within 90-days you can return your used bottle and any additional unopened bottles for a full refund. However, you have to contact customer support first to receive an RMA number that must be on the outside of the package.

Email: Support@testoripped.com
Phone: 1-800-578-0952
Live Chat: Available at TestoRipped.com.

Does TestoRipped Really Work?

TestoRipped appears to be a reliable supplement with some quality ingredients for improving performance. There are numerous positive consumer reviews for this product, and though it might not work well for everyone, it definitely shows some promising results.

TestoRipped User Reviews

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  1. Real Person

    It has been one week since I started Taking TestoRipped while this is not negative nor positve it will be just my experiance thus far… I am 40 years old, 6 feet tall, and weigh 270lbs. All the weight is in my chest and stomach. After one week and using as suggested. I have lost 2 lbs. I did have the runs the first 5 days and it definately keeps you awake finding that i needed to take them more than 6 hours before bed.I use a treadmill for 3-5 miles with varieing speeds and inclines eveyday. I will continue as suggested and will report next friday morning.
    Thank You

    March 16, 2012 at 2:59 pm
  2. good stuff

    I have taken this stuff on and off for a little while. Its good stuff. you can definitely tell it raises you testosterone levels, mentally and physically. i recommend it if thats the route you wanna go down.

    April 22, 2012 at 8:24 pm
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    This still surprise me, just how lots of pepole do not know about Kinovelax Diet Plan (search on google), even though a lot of pepole get great results with it. Thanks to my work buddy who told me about Kinovelax Diet Plan, I’ve lost tons of weight with it without starving myself.

    September 14, 2012 at 7:08 am

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