Testopro Review

Testopro is a testosterone booster that may boost testosterone levels as well as help you lose fat. Testopro says there is a study that finds that free testosterone did increase and the subjects did gain weight. They were losing fat and gaining muscle. Where is the study? That has not been revealed??

Does it effectively increase testosterone levels?

Testopro does include the following ingredients:

• Testopro—this is an extract from the fenugreek seed that raises free testosterone levels and helps build muscle.
The remaining ingredients are a proprietary blend of:
• Quercetin—an anti-inflammatory and may be an antioxidant
• Divanil—combining this ingredient with testofen will help raise free testosterone. This is an extract from the stinging nettle plant
• Indole-3-Carbinol—modulate estrogen levels
• Bioperine—this is black pepper extract and may increase the absorption of other nutrients

What is free testosterone? This is the only form of testosterone able to enter the cell and cause the positive benefits that testosterone will provide. Only 2% of the hormone testosterone will become free testosterone. The 98% of the hormone is used for other purposes in the body and goes to various proteins in the body.

Testofen has been studied and it has been found that by that using testofen a subjecct will increase free testosterone in the body. The theory is the more free testosterone, the better chance that the hormone can build bigger muscles.

Is Testopro highly recommended by people who try it?

The customer reviews are mixed on the success of this testosterone booster. Some customers said that they saw results taking this supplement along with increasing their weight lifting poundage. Some other customers said they did not notice a difference in taking this supplement and wonder if working out more was the reason they were getting bigger muscles. Others said they could tell a difference. See, these are very mixed reviews.

Does it have a reasonable price?

To say that Testopro is expensive is a relative term. To some people, getting results is more important than cost and will pay the big bucks to get a supplement to give the results they are looking for. Others realize that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg for a natural testosterone supplement to get good results.

Testopro retails for $58.99 but it has been on sale for lower and can be found on different third party websites for as low as $33.95. You may want to see which website, if any, offers a money back guarantee before deciding on purchasing this supplement.

Is Testopro Worth Trying?

Testopro is a testosterone booster that may have one or two ingredients that are proven to boost testosterone but does it have enough in the formula to make a real difference? Studies have shown using the same dosage for testofen as in this formula but the other ingredients are a proprietary blend so it is unknown their dosages in the formula.

Free testosterone may be made by Testofen but there is still inconclusive evidence that this free testosterone really does build muscle. Without clinical evidence that Testopro works you may want to spend your money on a testosterone booster that has been found to work.

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