TEST Powder Review

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When you are looking to increase the efficacy of your workouts, you can see huge increases in your strength, mass, speed, stamina and energy by increasing the amount of testosterone you produce and secrete in your body.

For this reason, many people have been turning to testosterone boosters like TEST Powder to try to enhance their own ability to get more of that powerful hormone testosterone.

But with so many products competing for your money, how do you guarantee that you are getting the most effective supplement for your dollar?

I decided to research TEST Powder to see what it could do before I decided whether or not this testosterone booster was something that I should add to my workout routine.

What Does TEST Powder Do?

Like other testosterone boosters, this product is supposed to urge your body to produce more of its own testosterone, so that you can start blasting through even the hardest workouts and quit seeing plateaus in performance.

USPlabs, the makers of TEST Powder, promise that this mix-in will help you “activate your inner alpha” so that you can dominate every workout.

How Does TEST Powder Do It?

The ingredients in TEST Powder, although effective in their own right, have not been shown to directly increase your production of testosterone. Instead, ingredients like Garcinia Mangostana can help decrease inflammation and musculoskeletal injuries, but will most likely have no effect whatsoever on your production of testosterone.

Another ingredient, L-Carnitine, might help you decrease fat stores and increase muscle, according to some sources, however its effects have never been verified by any journal of nutrition, or published.

Trimethylglycine, also in TEST Powder, might also be able to get rid of fat tissue, as it was successful in eliminating adipose in pigs, but the results have never been shown in humans.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Fortunately there haven’t been any serious, negative side effects associated with TEST Powder. Most of the users just respond that they get jittery when they take it too close to bed.

If you aren’t sensitive to stimulating ingredients like caffeine, you shouldn’t have any problems while taking TEST Powder.

Any Concerns?

syntheroidEven though TEST Powder is largely safe, I still can’t recommend a testosterone booster that can’t actually increase your levels of testosterone.

I would rather see powerful ingredients like Testofen or Tribulus Terrestris that are found in more effective products like Syntheroid. These ingredients have helped many users not only reach their fitness levels but exceeded even their own expectations.

But if TEST Powder worked for you, please let me know by leaving a comment below!

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