Test Drive Review

Test DriveDon’t let the name fool you; there is no taking this testosterone booster out for a test drive. Some diet supplements actually let you try their product risk free for a month or so, but Test Drive does not.

Still, there are some upsides to Test Drive as a testosterone booster that we decided to go over. Test Drive was created by Engineered Sports Technology as a way to boost testosterone levels and also regulate what happened to the increased testosterone levels. Too many testosterone boosters focus on simply increasing testosterone levels knowing that some people will not do their research. There are some things you should know about testosterone before you purchase a booster like Test Drive.

Side Effects of Some Test Boosters

When testosterone is produced, a few things can occur. The desired result is to provide greater muscle strength and increased gains, but not all testosterone goes to building muscles. Some testosterone bind themselves to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) while additional testosterone is converted into secondary hormones like DHT. DHT is one of the leading causes of male pattern baldness. Also, increased testosterone leads to an abnormal amount of estrogen.

Test Drive focuses not only on increasing testosterone with ingredients like Protodioscin and zinc, but also blocking the production of estrogen and occupying SHBG with ingredients like Divanillytetrahydrofuran in order to maintain the “freeness” of testosterone.

Other Benefits of Test Drive

Test Drive doesn’t stop with just increasing testosterone. Of the four proprietary blends inside Test Drive, one contains antioxidants to increase overall health and boost performance. Another is designed to provide amino acids to the body that help produce proteins and nitric oxide for greater muscle strength and recovery.

So Test Drive appears to go the extra mile with their ingredients. Instead of focusing strictly on testosterone, the makers of Test Drive realize that if you are going to gain muscle effectively, you must try a variety of ways.

Potential Downsides to Test Drive

The number of ingredients can also be a downside to some. There are a few potential problems with products containing numerous ingredients.

Rather than packing their product with a few proven and powerful ingredients, the makers of Test Drive went a different road by including multiple ingredients, lowering the dosage of ingredients that may be deemed more effective. The only way to counter this issue is to increase the serving size, which brings us to the next point.

Large Servings
Because Test drive contains so many ingredients, their serving size is larger than your average test booster. Users are directed to take 4 capsules per day, which may not be very appealing to some.

Higher Side Effect Risk
The more ingredients the greater the chance of having side effects. While we wouldn’t worry too much about Test Drive and its natural ingredients, there may be a few users who experience reactions to certain ingredients. It’s never wrong to play it safe and talk to your doctor beforehand.


We think Test Drive has the potential to give you decent gains as a testosterone booster, but because of the high volume of ingredients, we’re not sure it will be as powerful as the average consumer would like. It’s great that Test Drive contains antioxidants and amino acids, but as a testosterone booster, it doesn’t appear effective. We would recommend trying something more specialized and proven.

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