Tentex Royal Review

Tentex Royal is another male enhancement supplement that is out on the market to help males have a better sex life. It is made by Himalaya Herbal HealthCare company. It has its main location in India and many other locations are found in different parts of the world.
Tentex Royal claims it will:

• Help with Erectile Dysfunction
• Promote relaxation of cavenosal muscles
• Increase penile blood flow

Tentex Royal says if you relax the cavenosal muscles surrounding the penis it will increase the blood flow to the penis, thus you will have a harder, thicker erection. The problem with ED is the fact that blood is not getting to the penis because of blood flow is being restricted.
There are many reasons causing erectile dysfunction. Many think age is the cause when in fact ED is caused by various reasons. Some of it may be caused by medical conditions, medication, certain diseases, etc. However, supplements may help overcome some of these factors. Let’s see if Tentex Royal is one that will work for you.

Does Tentex Royal Really Work?

Tentex Royal does not give you a full list of ingredients. It says it contains:
• Asteracantha Longifolia—this has been known to help with liver protection but may also be an an aphrodisiac
• Prunus Amygdalus—this is almond oil and is often used in cosmetics to smooth the skin
• Blepharis Edulis—a potential aphrodisiac
• Saffron—an antioxidant
• Tribulus Terrestris—a testosterone booster

Tentex Royal is a male enhancement supplement that is a testosterone booster because it does contain a proven ingredient. Tribulus Terrestris is an ingredient that has been proven to increase testosterone levels therefore, it may increase sex drive. As far as the other ingredients listed there is unknown proof that they have anything to do with helping erectile dysfunction. Those ingredients are not commonly found in male enhancement products and there is no clinical evidence that they work. There have been some rat studies showing a few of the ingredients are causing rats to increase their sex drive but further studies are needed to prove that these are helping.

Is Tentex Royal Highly Recommended by its Users?

Tentex Royal is a male enhancement supplement that appears not to be highly recommended by people. Since there are no reviews found on the internet it makes you suppose that people are not impressed or do not want to waste any more of their time talking about a supplement that does not work.

Does Tentex Royal Have a Reasonable Price?

Tentex Royal is found on the internet for around $22.95. It is sold on third party websites. There is no money back guarantee found for this testosterone booster, in fact, there is not even a return policy for this product. It is best to stay away from any herbal supplement that does not come with a money back guarantee since there are so many supplements on the market that are worthless. You know if it comes with at great money back guarantee they have confidence in their product and are willing to back it up.

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Tentex Royal User Reviews

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    I am 35 year old diabetic I was having erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation for about 2years. at the time of sex sometimes ejaculated within 5 sec or never achieved erection. I used extra time condoms but my wife was not comfortable with I t. after using Tentex royal for 3 months we both are living happy sex life. even now I get hard erection when I am asleep during nights.

    Rohit singhani
    November 14, 2015 at 2:09 pm

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