Tenaga XX Review

If you lose your erection when you have sex, and that hasn’t happened before, it’s something that you’ll worry about.  And when you worry about it, guess what happens next time?  You lose your erection.  And so it goes on, each time getting worse and worse, until you start to avoid sex altogether.

Each time you hop in the sack, you’re more focused on whether or not your penis will work than on the sex.  This makes it even more likely you won’t get that almighty erection.

The problem can even lead to a situation where you develop a good erection during foreplay and then, when it comes to the moment of penetration, or the moment of putting on the condom, you lose it pretty much instantly.  This is hard to understand and even harder to cope with, just when you think the situation is solved, it suddenly gets worse!  The solution?

It could be, Tenaga = Power, Energy, Force.   According to the Tenaga XX website, this product is “the natural, effective way for men to power up for better health, performance and sexual vitality.”

As part of the Biotropic Ramuan Health dietary supplement line of products, this formula of ancient, natural ingredients has been designed not only to improve a man’s sexual health and performance, but his overall health as well.  They claim the product’s ingredients have been effective for years in helping Malaysian men even into their advanced years.  Used throughout Southeast Asia, Tongkat is used in the treatment of malaria, cancer, anxiety, ulcers, fatigue, infertility and impotence.  Considered five times more potent that ginseng, it is known as the “King of traditional Malay medicine.”

Does Tenaga XX Effectively Increase your Testosterone Levels?

As a daily supplement, the product aims to support the male body’s natural testosterone balance.   The main ingredient is Tongkat Ali, or Physta.   “Using Biotropics exclusive, patented freeze-dried, aqueous extraction process developed in collaboration with MIT, Tenaga XX delivers the purest form of Tongkat Ali.”  Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) is an ingredient that should be familiar to male enhancement product users.  It is found in many similar products and has been proven effective in raising testosterone levels.

Is Tenaga XX Highly Recommended By People Who Try It?

“I have low T and have been using Androgel (topical T replacement treatment). Due to insurance changes it now costs me around $600 per month.  I have just begun trying Tenaga XX and it seems to be performing well as advertised in helping. Of course, without a blood test, that’s an unknown.  I will continue with this to see if it truly keeps my T level up.  As a sexual stimulant, I’m sure that’s more of a function of an increased T level.” – BuzHopper

“I have tried a few products in the past that contained the herb known as Tongkat Ali /longjack /LJ100 and had mixed results.  But overall mostly good!  After trying Tenaga XX as directed I found it to be somewhat effective, but it took several days before I felt any positive change in my energy and desire.  By then I was almost out of it. I might try it again but it needs to be more robust.” –  J. Hoawrd-Williford

“I have been taking Tenega XX for about a month with no results. I don’t know if it has to do with the combination of supplements I’ve been using, but I have seen no benefit to continuing it’s use.” – Huntwanow

Does Tenaga XX Have a Reasonable Price?

Tenaga XX sells for about $34.95 for a one-month supply.  Each package contains 30 capsules and the recommended dosage is one cap per day.

We have to say that with the mixed consumer reviews, you might be better off searching for a testosterone booster that has a few more ingredients to ensure that you will have great success.  Tenaga XX has great ingredients, just not enough of them…  and with so many powerful ingredients available and so many testosterone boosters out there, it just makes sense to find the power-house product you need and want for action this weekend, if you know what I mean..

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