Super Test Review

Super TestIt’s not often you come across a testosterone booster that is actually a good quality. When you do, it’s usually way out of your price range. Beast has created a testosterone supplement called Super Test that is designed to not only increase your testosterone levels, but also boost nitric oxide and detoxify your system.

Super Test is one of those high quality products with countless ingredients that are all there to serve a particular purpose. We are going to do our best to break down those ingredients and give you our own opinion of Super Test.

Under the Hood

One serving of Super Test contains over 20 ingredients, most of which are hidden inside five proprietary blends. Here is a quick rundown of the blends listed on the label.

Anabolic Testosterone Support Complex
Specifically designed to increase testosterone levels, this complex contains some powerful and proven ingredients along with newer ingredients without much testing but with plenty of potential. Some ingredients you may recognize are tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, and eurycoma longifolia.

Nitric Oxide Support Complex
Ingredients like L-Arginine and L-Citrulline Malate have been formulated in this blend to specifically boost nitric oxide levels. This process is beneficial in many ways including strengthening the immune system, boosting sexual performance, and increasing endurance.

Estrogen Control Factors
Excess estrogen in men has been linked to weight gain around the belly and pectoral areas. Increasing testosterone allows for a natural increase in estrogen unless otherwise controlled. This blend contains ingredients you may have heard of like Japanese knotweed, which is a common anti-estrogenic ingredient.

DHT Control Factors
Similar to estrogen, DHT levels rise when testosterone is increased. The biggest side effect you get from excess DHT is male pattern baldness. DHT inhibitors like Nettle Root Powder and Pumpkin Seed Extract have been included in this blend to hinder the production of DHT.

Liver and Kidney Detoxification Support
Last but not least, this blend is essentially an added bonus because it really has nothing to do with testosterone but it does provide extra health and weight loss benefits. The ingredients in this complex are cranberry and milk thistle extracts which are common detoxifying ingredients. So you are not only increasing testosterone with Super Test, but you’re also cleansing the system of harmful toxins.

Other Ingredients
Along with these proprietary blends, there are other ingredients listed that offer beneficial results. Zinc and Vitamin B6 have been included to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce testosterone naturally. Cyanotis Vaga extract is also used as an anabolic agent.

The Good

Some of the benefits of Super Test include:

• Proven ingredients
• Versatile formula
• High quality product
• Little risk of side effects

The Bad

Here are some downside to Super Test:

• Higher than average price
• Proprietary blends that don’t reveal quantity of ingredients

The Skinny

Even though Super Test retails for a high price of $85, you can still find it online for as low as $42. From looking at the ingredient list, we can tell you you are going to get your money’s worth with the amount of ingredients that are found in each capsule.

We feel good about Super Test and believe it will work for just about anybody. Go ahead and try it out.

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