Sta-Max Plus Review

Sta-Max Plus is another one of those testosterone boosters on the market. They claim that it is doctor approved and clinically tested but there is no confirmation of either claim. They say it will begin working within 20 to 30 minutes which is appealing to many.
Sta-Max Plus can be used by both men and women. They claim it will increase the blood flow to the genital parts of both sexes which will heighten their sexual experience. Along with this they claim you will have increased energy.

Does it effectively increase your testosterone levels?

Sta-Max Plus is a testosterone booster without the testosterone in the formula! There is not a full list of ingredients available to examine and see what all they put into this testosterone booster. In fact it is a knowledge you are just hoping it works. Here are the ingredients they do list:

• Yohimbine—they claim it increases the blood flow to the penis and also increases the libido. Yohimbine is an herb that is banned in some countries because of the dangerous side effects that may occur if given in higher dosages. Sta-Max Plus says yohimbine in this formula has the highest levels in the world. What is it?? The question is, are they dangerous levels that will do more harm than good?
• L-Arginine—it is a proven ingredient that has been known to help produce nitric oxide which will relax the smooth muscles of the penis and allow more blood flow to it, allowing an erection
• Gamma-aminobutyric Acid—this increases dopamine levels and increases sensations during orgasms
• Horny Goat Weed—makes you horny! It will increase your sex drive

Is Sta-Max Plus highly recommended by people who try it?

On their official website they do have testimonials. Of course they are all going to be flowery and positive! They are trying to sell a product and make money. They are not going to give any negative reactions. The other reviews around the internet are mostly negative as many people complained it did not make any difference and it was not a supplement that they would use again.

Does it have a reasonable price?

Sta-Max Plus is a testosterone booster that is sold on their own website. You can only buy a 4 day supply at first for $8.99. Once you order that supply they will put you on an auto-ship list and you will receive a 30 day supply every month for $38.98. Watch out for auto-ships because sometimes companies are great at charging you every month even after you try to cancel.

Sta-Max Plus is made by a mystery company. There is no mention of who makes this testosterone supplement and it does not even provide an address where it is located and does not include a phone number. There is also no mention of a money back guarantee. They do say they have a return policy but it does not say how long you have to return and if you will get your full value back. Does that sound a little fishy to you?

As we might have guessed Sta-Max Plus may have some serious issues that you may not want to deal with. Since there are other testosterone boosters on the market you may want to look at those on this website before making your decision.

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