Solid 36 Review

Solid 36 claims to stimulate sexual desire in you. Have you lacked that lately? I think everyone has that problem at various times of their lives. Living in the world we do, it can lead to stressful lives where sexual performance can be affected. Solid 36 is one that claims will improve stamina, increase penile blood flow and increase penis size.

Solid 36 has been added to the plethora of testosterone boosters that are on the market. You probably have realized that there are more sexual enhancement supplements than you can count. Some are worthwhile while others are just a waste of your money. Where does Solid 36 fit in? Let’s look into this one a little further to see.

Does it effectively increase your testosterone levels?

The key ingredients that are found in Solid 36 are:

L-Arginine which has been proven to help with sexual performance. L-arginine increase nitric oxide in the body which in turn relaxes the smooth muscle in the penis. As this happens the blood vessels surrounding the penis expand the penis. Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) has testosterone enhancing properties. It is known as Malayasia’s home grown Viagra. It boosts immunity and may increase metabolism. They say it will increase male virility and sexual prowess.

Golden Spear Grass, Cinnamon, Cayenne, White Willow Bark and Ginger Root are also included in this formula. They claim it will improve vitality and enhance blood circulation. Several of these ingredients are found in weight loss supplements.

As you can see there are only a couple of ingredients that will help to increase testosterone levels but we don’t even know if they are strong enough dosages to get the job done.

Is Solid 36 highly recommended by people who try it?

Solid 36 does not look like it is highly recommended by anyone. There are no consumer reviews found anywhere on the internet. Usually you will see a few reviews posted even if it is only on the official website of the supplement. Solid 36 has nothing said about it which is usually an indication that it is not a great supplement.

Does it have a reasonable price?

Solid 36 is a testosterone booster supplement that comes in various pill amounts. For 3 pills you can buy it for $4.25 up to 100 pills for $99.99. The more you buy the cheaper they become. So it does get more reasonable the more you buy.

Solid 36 is made by a company called BLC Herbs. Not much is known about this company. A mystery company that only has an email address as a way to contact them. When you try to look to see if they have a money back guarantee you can not find any mention of one. In fact, there is not even a mention of a return policy. Reputable companies will always have some type of money back guarantee and return policy.

Any company that promises that the penis will increase in length is not being honest with you. There is no way a supplement or contraption can increase the length on a permanent basis. What you are born with is what you are going to get. Simple as that!

Solid 36 also promises it will help you keep going for 36 hours but there are no ingredients that have been proven to help with that in this formula. Needless to say you may have better look looking on this website and see what they recommend.

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