Revive Platinum Review

Revive PlatinumWe don’t know what it means to send your body’s testosterone production into overdrive, but it sounds pretty intense. Revive Platinum was designed by BodyFuse to do just that. Sounds like a powerful testosterone booster, right?

According to the makers of Revive Platinum, their product contains all natural ingredients that act as an alternative to prohormones. We’re going to take a closer look at these ingredients to determine just how powerful, effective, and safe this testosterone supplement is.

Under the Hood

Revive Platinum contains a few recognizable ingredients and some other, not so common ones. Unfortunately, BodyFuse does not disclose the list of ingredients on their website, making it difficult for us to determine just how much of each ingredient is used. At any rate, here are a handful of ingredients we were able to find in Revive Platinum’s formula.

Tribulus Terrestris
Typically found in testosterone supplements, T. terrestris is one of the most common ingredients in the testosterone industry because of the numerous testing that has been done to show testosterone gains. However, if you are trying to increase muscle mass, this ingredient may not be as effective as formerly thought. A recent study showed minimal muscle gain among elite rugby players given the natural extract.

This patented blend contains a mix of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. These vitamins and minerals are found in numerous testosterone boosters for difference reasons. Vitamin B6 and zinc have been shown to strengthen the pituitary gland allowing for more testosterone production while magnesium blocks testosterone from occupying SHBG making it “free.”

Eurycoma Longifolia
Like T. terrestris, eurycoma longifolia is a common ingredient found in testosterone supplements. The flowering plant extract has even been a nickname among gym rats, Longjack. Animal studies have shown testosterone increases related to E. longifolia but a resent trial suggests that the extract is poorly bioavailable when taken orally. Fortunately, Revive Platinum has an answer for that (see BioPerine).

Horney Goat Weed
Typically used as an aphrodisiac, Horney Goat Weed is known for its testosterone mimicking abilities. By consuming horney goat weed, you should feel more energy and a boost in libido.

We mentioned the poor bioavailability of eurycoma longifolia. BioPerine is included in Revive Platinum’s blend specifically to increase bioavailability. In other words, the other ingredients found in Revive Platinum can be better absorbed and act more efficiently because of BioPerine.


Revive Platinum is considered safe because of its use of all natural ingredients. That said, you should always talk to a healthcare provider before taking supplementation, especially if you are on other medication, pregnant or nursing, or under any other medical condition.


The ingredients we listed in this review were the most recognizable we found. There are a few more ingredients found in Revive Platinum that we found very little scientific information for. Also, since we don’t know the exact dosage of each ingredient, we can’t be certain one serving of Revive Platinum contains the proper amount of each active ingredient. So to answer the concerns of effectiveness, we really can’t give a definitive “yes.”

Final Thoughts

Because of the unknown factor regarding Revive Platinum, we can’t be certain if it will work for you or not. It does contain proven ingredients, but how much of each ingredient we don’t know. Based on its potential, we can tentatively say go ahead and try Revive Platinum, but don’t expect miracle results.

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