Python Extra Review

Python Extra is a testosterone supplement that is manufactured by Vitamin Shoppe. Python Extra is a supplement that does not give much information about its effect on your body. Maybe it is like a typical man, quiet and does not share much information?!

Python Extra says it stands out because it has included Arctic Root in its formula. The real name for Arctic Root is rhodiola rosea which is commonly used in other testosterone supplements. Time to see if Arctic Root makes Python Extra unique.

Does it effectively increase your testosterone levels?

Python Extra does have a few ingredients that may increase the levels of testosterone. Tribulus Terrestris is one of those ingredients that are well known to boost those levels. The other ingredients that are found in this formula are:

Arctic Root—known as a heart herb. This is a form of ginseng and is a treatment for poor memory and heart weakness that claims there is a connection between the heart health circulation and sexual impotency.

Oat Straw—may increase vigor and stamina
Muira Puama—an aphrodisiac
Saw Palmetto—may treat impotence and frigidity—an aphrodisiac
Ginkgo Biloba—memory enhancer
Ginseng—may help improve circulation
Guarana Extract—may help with reduction of metabolic disorders, such as, hypertension and obesity
Tribulus Terrestris—is a testosterone booster. It is used to treat low energy, impotence, depression and may boost vigor and strength
L-Carnintine—helps body turn fat into energy
L-Methionine—an antioxidant that may help with premature ejaculation
L-Phenylalanine—energy booster
Selenium—used for diseases of the heart and blood vessels
Zinc—a trace mineral for overall health

Is Python Extra highly recommended by people who try it?

Python Extra gets mixed reviews from consumers. Many complained that after weeks of trying they saw no change in their sexual stamina. Some said it was a waste of time and money and the mood was gone before anything could happen. Consumer reviews are a window into the effect of a product. If you look at this one factor then you quickly realize it may not be all that great.

Does it have a reasonable price?

Python Extra is one of those testosterone supplements that does have a reasonable price. On the Vitamin Shoppe it is sold for $15.99 which is a good price for a supplement. They say that they have a money back guarantee but look at the guarantee closely. If you do, you soon realize that you may get your money back only if you return the supplement without opening the bottle. I thought that was called a refund not a money back guarantee! And remember your 30 days start from the day that you ordered this testosterone supplement.

Python Extra is a testosterone supplement that does not really give much information about it and you just assume it is designed to help you with sexual performance. It has common ingredients that are in other testosterone supplements or creams but arctic root is not that special. In fact there is not enough research on it to even say it will help with sexual performance.

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