Purus Labs D-Pol Review

Purus Labs D-Pol is a supplement that purportedly boosts testosterone, builds lean muscle, and makes weight loss easier. Skeptical of supplements that claim to do it all? Me too.

I researched D-Pol to see if it has anything that truly makes it stand out.

Ingredient List

Purus Labs D-Pol has just a few ingredients, including a vasodilation mix and a few vitamins.

D-Aspartic Acid (3.12 g):D-aspartic acid is a natural testosterone booster. It prompts the release of sex hormones from the pituitary gland.

Nitratene (480 mg):More widely recognized as sodium nitrate, this mineral improves circulation. Better circulation means better erections and easier muscle building.

Vitamin D3 ( 4,001 IU): Supplementing with vitamin D can enhance energy and mood and eradicate feelings of depression.

In some studies, vitamin D promotes weight loss. People who are overweight or obese tend to have low vitamin D levels. In one study, overweight subjects who took vitamin D daily lost weight and fat more than those on placebo. [1]

Vitamin B6 (2 mg):Vitamin B6 activates norepinephrine and other neurotransmitters that create a sense of well-being and contentment. One of the complex B vitamins, B6 also helps the body metabolize food into energy.

Vitamin B9 (400 mcg):Also known as folate, B9 regulates electrical energy in the heart. A healthy heart can support a healthy lifestyle of exercise.

Vitamin B12 (6 mcg):Aiding with energy metabolism is B12’s job. It helps the body process proteins, fats, and carbs more efficiently.

Sodium (130 mg):It is unclear why sodium is included in D-Pol because most people have too much sodium in their diets as it is. But sodium is a necessary mineral in small amounts.

Who Is Purus Labs D-Pol For?

D-Pol is described as a “free testosterone nitric oxide potentiator” on the official site. What does that mean? It supposedly promotes muscle growth through vasodilation from high nitric oxide content. It is also supposed to increase circulation, boost energy, and enhance libido.

D-Pol is not intended for women or for younger men with adequate testosterone levels.

How Does It Work?

Purus Labs D-Pol is easy to use. The recommended dosage is three pills per day, all one hour before an intense workout. It will take one full hour for the pills to kick in, so don’t try to rush it in on your way to the gym.

Many customers complain about the size of these tablets. Some people find them easier to swallow if they are cut into half.

Amazon Reviews from Real Customers

Amazon ratings for Purus Labs D-Pol vary. With an average rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars, some customers see fantastic results and others don’t see any at all. Here are a few reviews to give you an idea of what real customers think.

5 Star Reviews
User ChaseByKO says, “I have tried many over the counter test boosters and am currently on testosterone therapy, and can attest that this product works…Buy this if you want an effective, natural test booster.”

Jon Cardwell says he had “increased energy for exercise” with D-Pol. He says, “I have noticed the difference and will most highly recommend it.”

3 – 4 Star Reviews
User Jay calls D-Pol “Preworkout horse pills” and says, “Solid product but nothing special. I tried taking this as my main pre-workout and it didn’t hold up to my expectations and standards as far as performance and focus augmenting go.”

Richard O. Dubois writes, “I definitely do not feel pumped all day” and calls D-Pol “overhyped”.

1 – 2 Star Reviews
User Dave “Dave” describes D-Pol as “Awfully expensive for a bit of vitamin D and unsupported claims.”

Another user named K. Ward “Love to shop” says, “Too much money for this dietary supplement that you can get in a vitamin you are probably already taking.”

Is Purus Labs a Reputable Company?

Purus Labs manufactures D-Pol and several other supplements. Their products have average to above average ratings on Amazon.com. D-Pol and other products by Purus Labs work very well for some users, and others do not see any results.

The average ratings may not make you jump out of your seat to buy these products, but average ratings are also realistic. It may work and it may not – so you know ahead of time not to look at Purus Labs D-Pol or other products as miracle cures.

Some Positive Characteristics of Purus Labs D-Pol

The ingredient amounts are listed in D-Pol, which is uncommon. This makes it easy to verify ingredient amounts are healthy, safe, and effective.

The company is reputable and well-known, so you don’t have to buy from an obscure seller.

Where Purus Labs D-Pol Falls Short of Expectations

Many users complain about the size of D-Pol pills, calling them “horse pills” and saying they had to cut the pills in half.

D-Pol is also fairly pricey when you look at the ingredients. You can buy B complex and vitamin D vitamins for much cheaper, and those are some of the main ingredients.

Pricing and Returns

Each bottle of Purus Labs D-Pol contains 90 tablets which is a one month supply.

• PurusLabs.net: $47.95
• Amazon.com: $25.99
• LuckyVitamin.com: $25.99
• SupplementWarehouse.com: $25.94

If you buy from PurursLabs.net, you have 30 days from the purchase date to return D-Pol. That isn’t the best return policy (90 days is better), but it also isn’t the worst.

Final Say

If you want an energy boost before a workout, Purus Labs D-Pol might be right for you. But if you are considering D-Pol for enhancing testosterone levels, you should probably look elsewhere. There isn’t enough research (or positive customer testimonials) to support claims that D-Pol increases testosterone levels.

You are probably better off with another supplement with more science or proven ingredients behind it.



[1] Shahar, D, Schwarzfuchs D, Fraser D, Hillel V, Joachim T, Fiedler G, Bluher M, Stumvoll M, Stampfer M, Shai I. “Dairy calcium intake, serum vitamin D, and successful weight loss.” The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Available from: http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/early/2010/09/01/ajcn.2010.29355.abstract

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