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Hormones are a funny thing.

They can either greatly benefit your body’s health if they are found in abundance, or greatly degrade your body’s health if there are any deficiencies.

Testosterone is one such hormone which fits this billing to a “T”. Along those lines, it’s no wonder more and more companies and manufacturers are coming out with testosterone supplements like Progene. Of course, not all testosterone supplements are created equally, with some boasting of better designs and ingredients than others.

Take Prototype 33 ab, for example. This testosterone gel gives you all of the benefits of added testosterone without the inconvenience of an oral pill. That’s why it’s one of our top products that we hope others can compete with.

Will Progene prove to fit the bill?

Progene Review

Here’s a brief overview of Progene to help you determine its value and quality.

Progene: Pros

The makers of Progene have seemed to make a conscious effort to produce not only an effective product, but also a safe one at that.

We say this, because of the fact that Progene only contains all-natural and organic ingredients including amino acids, herbal and plant extracts, vitamins, and more.

That being said, the more organic a formula is, the safer it should be for a body to consume. As such, users of Progene shouldn’t have to worry too much about side effects associated with its use.

Another perk that Progene has to offer is its money-back guarantee. With the assurance of this guarantee, there are basically no financial risks involved with the purchase of Progene. On top of that, many online retailers also provide a free trial of Progene.

Free trials can be a great way to test the waters of a product without having to spend any money off the bat.

Lastly, we also liked the fact that Progene has gained quite a bit of credibility with current and previous users. We read a number of positive reviews and testimonials online from people who have enjoyed the health benefits that Progene has provided for them and their bodies.

Progene: Cons

Changing hands, there are also several noteworthy concerns that we have with Progene. To begin, Progene’s formula is mostly made up of a proprietary blend called Progene’s Proprietary blend.

And the problem here is this: This proprietary blend only contains a dosage level of 200 milligrams per serving. Now, 200mg would suffice if we were talking about a blend that contains two or three ingredients.

But Progene’s proprietary blend actually contains close to 20 ingredients. In other words, the average potency level for each Progene ingredient amounts to only 10mg per serving!

Basically, the majority of Progene’s ingredients don’t have the juice they need in order to carry out the functions they are known to provide.

As such, we suspect that Progene is not quite as potent and effective as it’s made out to be. Or course, this point counters those great reviews and testimonials that we mentioned above, which is why we believe that Progene CAN be effective in certain cases, just not on a consistent basis.

Also, we failed any information regarding clinical trials or studies that have been performed on this testosterone-boosting supplement.

Without this assurance that Progene has proven its worth in a controlled environment with all variables accounted for, it’s hard to consider it a top-tier product.

Progene – The Final Word

In conclusion, there is plenty to like and dislike about Progene. Ultimately, it has potential but doesn’t seem to have what it takes to cement itself as a top-notch product. With that in mind, we can only give this supplement an average rating in terms of its quality and value.

Along those lines, if you’re setting your sights high and on a proven product, we’d suggest looking elsewhere for an option that comes with less risk involved. If your still undecided, take a look at our 5 Top Rated Testosterone Boosters. There, you can find out more about Prototype 33 ab.

Progene Consumer Reviews

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