Panadex Review

When men suffer from problems involving their manhood it can be devastating to them.  It is a time where they start doubting themselves since it is an important part of their lives.  It is not something most men want to tell others about since they are embarrassed about it.

To understand erectile dysfunction it is important to understand anatomy.  Men’s reproductive system is fairly simple.  The penis contains 3 masses of spongy tissue that play a crucial role.  There are 2 corpora cavernosa that are located along the shaft of the penis, while the corpus spongiosum surrounds the uretha.  During arousal, blood enters all areas and the penis becomes erect as a result.  More blood flow equals more engorged tissues which means bigger erections.

Panadex is a sexual enhancement supplement that says will make men feel stronger and powerful with long lasting erections.  They say that they will have rock hard, throbbing erections that will last all night long.  You are instructed to take 2 tablets daily and you can also take 2 tablets 2 hours before sexual activity to enhance sexual strength.

Time to see if this sexual enhancer really does help or if is it another one of those useless supplements that is more concerned about filling their pockets than helping you.

Does it effectively increase your testosterone levels?

Panadex does have an ingredient that claims to help increase testosterone levels.  Let’s look into the ingredients in this supplement:

  • Avena Sativa–believed to help with early ejaculations and erectile dysfunction
  • Eyrycoma Longifolia—increases testosterone levels which will help with arousal and libido
  • L-Arginine–able to boost nitric oxide which widens the blood vessels leading to the penis
  • Maca Root–increases the sexual desire

Is Panadex highly recommended by people who try it?

Panadex is not a well known sexual enhancement supplement. There are no consumer reviews on the internet commenting on this supplement.  Consumer reviews are a real eye opener to how effective a product is.  When there are no reviews found on the internet that is not a good sign.  It usually means that people thought it was not worth their time to comment on a useless product or no one is interested in it.

We are not even sure who manufactures this sexual enhancer.  It does not have an official website and there is very little information about this product.

Does it have a reasonable price?

Panadex is sexual enhancement supplement that is expensive.  This supplement is hard to find and hard to find a website that sells it.  The one website that we found sold it for $54.99 for 40 tablets and $99.99 for 80 tablets.  40 tablets is not even a month’s supply.  There does not appear to be a money back guarantee associated with this sexual enhancer so if you are not happy with it you are out of your hard earned money.

Panadex is a sexual enhancer that may not be the best one on the market.  With so many other sexual enhancement supplements onthe market that work it might be wise to keep looking.  Check out this website and see what they recommend.

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