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Nugenix My interest in Nugenix was piqued because the company claims it’s the “first-of-its-kind.” It didn’t take me long to realize this claim is unsupported. But I decided to continue researching Nugenix to see if it’s worth trying.

I didn’t expect Nugenix to be a flawless product. Even the best testosterone boosters don’t work for everyone. However, as long as the pros outweigh the cons, Nugenix should be a good choice.

Pro: Clinically Proven Ingredients

The Nugenix formula contains zinc, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. Zinc and vitamin B6 are purported to increase testosterone, but zinc is actually backed by research. In one study, zinc increased testosterone and sperm count in zinc-deficient men.[1]

The key ingredients are combined into the Nugenix Testosterone Complex (2,103 mg):

Testofen is a patented fenugreek product. Fenugreek is 50% fenuside, which stimulates androgens and increases testosterone. When men consumed fenugreek for 8 weeks, it increased testosterone and muscle mass, and decreased body fat.[2]

L-Citrulline Malate increases L-arginine, which creates nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes and widens blood vessels; allowing more blood to pass through. Research shows L-citrulline improves erection hardness and treats erectile dysfunction.[3]

Tribulus Terrestris contains saponins, which are natural steroids. Researchers say tribulus increases luteinizing hormone production. These in turn stimulate the testes to make more testosterone. Multiple animal studies show tribulus increases testosterone.[4][5][6]

Con: Proprietary Blend

These are the clinically proven dosages Nugenix should contain:

• Zinc: At least 11 mg
• Testofen: 500-600 mg
• L-Citrulline Malate: 1,500 mg
• Tribulus Terrestris: 650 mg

Nugenix users take 1 serving (3 capsules) daily. Each serving provides 5 mg zinc. This dosage is safe, but too small to be effective.

Since Nugenix uses a proprietary blend, I don’t know if effective Testofen, L-citrulline, and tribulus dosages are included. My guess is they are not.

If you add up the required dosages, the total is 2,650 mg. The Nugenix Testosterone Complex only has 2,103 mg. This means, at least one ingredient dosage falls short. I don’t know which ingredient it is, but this deficiency affects Nugenix results.

Just because the total dosage is too small, it doesn’t mean Nugenix contains safe dosages. One or two ingredients could still be included in unsafe dosages.

I’m disappointed that Direct Digital uses a proprietary blend because it hides facts from consumers. The company doesn’t use proprietary blends in all their products. So, I’m not sure why they use one in Nugenix.

Pro: Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee offers a 14-day free trial. Simply provide your contact information and pay $4.99 for shipping. The company will send you a 14-day supply. They allow 4 days for the product to ship, so you have 18 days from the purchase date to cancel the free trial.

If you don’t cancel before day 18, you will be charged $74.98. In addition, the company will enroll you in their auto-ship program. Every 30 days, you’ll receive a new bottle and a $74.98 charge.

The auto-ship program is a great option for people who like Nugenix, but not everyone does. If you use Nugenix and don’t get results, the good news is all auto-ship products have a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Call 1-855-714-3234 to cancel the free trial and auto-ship. Customer service also gives instructions for returning Nugenix so you can get a full refund.

If you purchase Nugenix without using the free trial or auto-ship, you can only get a refund for unused products.

Con: Negative Customer Reviews

The official website has 2 positive Nugenix testimonials. But I prefer to read reviews on unbiased websites. Fortunately, and have 17 and 22 reviews; respectively. Unfortunately for Nugenix, the average rating users gave was 3 stars or less (out of 5).

Here’s how the reviews break down between these two sites:

• 5 Star: 13 people
• 4 Star: 5 people
• 3 Star: 3 people
• 2 Star: 3 people
• 1 Star: 16 people

Although there were several satisfied users, most users were not impressed with Nugenix. This comment from Roger.Davis on is typical of what negative reviews said:

“I used the product ‘as directed’ for the full 30 days and noticed NO benefits to it at all…In fact, without going into details, I believe my condition worsened.”

Con: Nugenix Is Expensive

Nugenix costs between $55.99 and $69.99. It is sold in GNC stores or on these sites:


Compared to other testosterone boosters, Nugenix is overpriced. A few top-rated testosterone boosters cost the same as Nugenix. However, because the products are safe and effective, consumers say they are a great value. Since Nugenix may not be very effective, I don’t think it’s the best value.

Nugenix: Do the Pros Outweigh the Cons?

Nugenix contains proven ingredients. I don’t know if safe, proven dosages are used because the company hides them. However, I do know Nugenix cannot possibly contain all the proven dosages.

Consumers have the chance to try Nugenix risk free. But I caution you to be wary about the free trial offer and auto-ship program. These don’t usually go over well for the customer.

The fact that most users do not recommend Nugenix makes me very hesitant to recommend it. You may find Nugenix works great for you. But I’m not confident the odds are in your favor. Unless you sign up for auto-ship, you cannot get a refund for Nugenix after trying it.

There are many effective, highly recommend testosterone boosters on the market. I recommend you try these instead.


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  1. Comment

    Just went through the sample bottle. Maybe a very slight difference in energy but if I wouldn’t even waste your money on the shipping for the free trial.

    October 23, 2013 at 11:17 am

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