Novatest Review

It is normal to be skeptical of testosterone boosters. Especially since so many on the market are more hype than science. Different people and experts will tell you different things about ingredients and products. Sooner or later you’ll have to make a choice and pick a product.

Novatest is a testosterone booster from Xero Limits. It is designed to maximize your body’s production and release of testosterone. It converts your slow-twitch muscle fibers to fast-twitch. Novatest inhibits the production of estrogen for maximized results. Lastly, this testosterone boosters increases your muscle building capacity to never-before-seen levels.

These are all the things that Novatest is supposed to do. Does it actually work? Does it sustain long-lasting benefits? Is Novatest safe?

How Does Novatest Work?

The makers of Novatest claim to have engineered a supplement that will block the aromatase enzymes. These enzymes are responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. By blocking the aromatase enzymes, Novatest suppresses estrogen and maximizes and maintains testosterone levels.

Novatest also contains Myosin, which is a major protein found in muscle fibers. Fast-twitch muscle fibers have higher amounts of Myosin. By adding Myosin into Novatest, the manufacturer makes it possible for this testosterone booster to increase the number of fast-twitch muscle fibers that you have in your body.

One of the claims that Novatest makes has to deal with the conversion of slow twitch muscle fibers into fast twitch fibers. Fast twitch fibers assist in explosive movements, any powerful bursts. Most often fast twitch muscle are found in stronger, more powerful individuals, whereas slow twitch muscles are more often found in lean, slender people. Distance runners and other long endurance athletes often have a greater number of slow twitch muscles than the normal person.

The myth that the muscle fibers can be converted from one type to another has been circulating for a while. We are not sure that this claim can be met with this product.

Does Novatest Produce Long-Lasting Results?

Some people who have used Novatest say that the product could be stronger. Either because it is not producing the kind of results that they hoped to find; or because the results are not very long-lasting. The manufacturer doesn’t offer any kind of timeline to give us an idea of the long-term benefits of Novatest.

Is Novatest Safe?

Most customer reviews of Novatest do not mention anything about the safety of this product. One or two of them say that Novatest has not caused any side effects. The manufacturer doesn’t give us any information about side effects either.

Novatest – Final Thoughts

We do not recommend that you try Novatest. The available information about this testosterone booster is confusing and incredibly difficult to decipher. The manufacturer has left out a lot of information about the safety and long-term benefits of this product. We do not know if Novatest is safe and so we cannot recommend it as a safe product. We suggest that you look for other testosterone boosters that come with more helpful information.

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