The Benefits of Natural Testosterone Supplements

natural testosterone supplements

An estimated 13 million men in the US have low testosterone.[1]

Low levels of testosterone cause symptoms such as fatigue, lack of muscle strength, and decreased libido. Unfortunately, most men don’t realize their “symptoms” are caused by low testosterone, so they don’t look for treatment.

Fortunately, there are effective treatment options available and natural testosterone supplements are considered to be some of the best. Here, in a nutshell, are 5 of the biggest benefits which come from using a natural supplement.

1. Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally and Without Side Effects

When people think of the benefits of higher testosterone, they’re more likely to think of the four benefits listed below, than this one. However, the way you get those benefits is just as important as getting them at all.

Hormone replacement therapy is the most popular treatment for low testosterone. Although it can be very effective, hormone replacement therapy comes with risks and high costs. The appeal of natural testosterone supplements is their ability to boost testosterone naturally–instead of synthetically–and with less risk of side effects. Plus, these natural supplements are much more affordable.

2. Prevent Sexual Dysfunction, Heighten Sex Drive and Performance

Seventy percent of men with low testosterone levels report erectile dysfunction. Sixty-three percent report a decrease in their sex drives [1]. Orgasm problems, and reduced sperm and semen production are other common issues caused by low testosterone.

Supplements that boost testosterone naturally have been known to treat erectile dysfunction; when it is caused by low testosterone. Since testosterone in the driving force behind libido, these supplements also restore sexual desire and often improve a man’s confidence and performance in the bedroom.

3. Build Muscle Mass, Strength, Endurance

natural testosterone supplements Weakness, muscle catabolism, and inability to build mass are other complaints of men with low testosterone. It’s no accident either.

Testosterone is as much a driving force behind muscle growth and strength as it is behind your sex drive.

In fact, natural testosterone supplements are more often used by men who want to increase their muscle mass and strength, than men who want to improve their sex lives.

Besides increasing testosterone levels naturally, these supplements also make more testosterone available in the blood and prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

4. Improve Your Mood

If you’re frequently moody, irritable, and depressed for no reason; a viable cause is low testosterone levels. You should definitely talk to your doctor to get an exact diagnosis. If low testosterone levels are to blame, natural supplements have been known to provide a solution to these problems as well.

5. Lose Weight Easier

Natural testosterone supplements can improve your ability to lose weight in several ways. First of all, many of these supplements contain ingredients which are proven to boost testosterone and burn fat. Second, higher levels of estrogen are associated with increased body fat. By preventing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, natural supplements help reduce fat gain.

Third, higher levels of testosterone help your body build and preserve muscle better. When you build muscle, you burn fat; and when you have a lot of muscle, your body metabolizes fat faster.

Which Supplement Should You Pick?

Many testosterone supplements meet the criteria for “natural”, but not all of them are safe and effective. Two popular testosterone supplements right now are Syntheroid and High T. Both use natural ingredients to boost testosterone supplements. Both promise to give users the benefits listed above. But are both supplements safe and effective?

Whether you’re considering trying Syntheroid, High T, or another testosterone supplement; one of the best places to look for answers to your questions is reviews. For example, take a look at this High T review and compare it to this review of Syntheroid.

Do You Have Low Testosterone?

If you think you might have low testosterone, talk to your doctor about taking a special blood test, which will tell you exactly how much testosterone is in your blood. If you do have low testosterone and are looking for a treatment that is safe, natural, and affordable; natural testosterone supplements should definitely be at the top of your list.


[1] Iliades, Chris. “The Signs of Low Testosterone.” Everyday Health. Everyday Health Media, LLC, 29 Dec 2011.

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