Natadrol Review

NatadrolYou can tell a lot about a product just by looking at its ingredients. The makers of Natadrol claim that their product contains only proven ingredients backed by data from clinical studies.

Natadrol was created by LG Sciences who claim their product is more effective than the typical testosterone booster. They argue that your average testosterone booster contains an ingredient called tribulus and that it doesn’t work. Natadrol’s formula doesn’t contain tribulus, but what makes it so special?

Natadrol Ingredients:

We’re going to break down the four most active ingredients in Natadrol to determine just how effective this testosterone supplement is.

Curculigo orchioides

This natural forest herb has been used for many medicinal and dietary purposes. Curculigo orchioides is considered an aphrodisiac by some and has been shown in studies to increase libido. One study done using 100 mg/kg of Curculigo orchioides on rats showed an increase in the rats’ sex drive.

• Possible libido increase
• All natural extract with limited side effects

• 100 mg/kg is a large amount that Natadrol doesn’t include
• Animal studies don’t always reflect the effect on humans

Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis

This herbal shrub is commonly located in East Asia and is regularly called the China Rose. This ingredient is also known for its aphrodisiac and anabolic properties. One animal study showed an increase in muscle mass by as much as 22%.

• Can increase libido and increase muscle gains
• Natural herb

• Again, animal studies don’t always reflect human effects
• Dosage used for the study was not readily available

Tinospora cordifolia

High in antioxidants, this natural vine extract can be found in areas like India. The makers of Natadrol claim that this extract will produce testosterone-like effects, but outside research suggests it can actually lower testosterone production and is considered by some to be a testosterone blocker.

• Antioxidant that fights against oxidized stress
• Used for medicinal purposes

• Testosterone blocker, not a testosterone booster

Cissus quadrangularis

Grown in warmer climates like Africa and the southern U.S., this grape-like extract is used in many dietary supplements because of it’s proven ability to burn fat and possible increase muscle mass. Some research also suggests Cissus quadrangularis can be effective in boosting testosterone.

• Natural testosterone booster
• Weight loss and muscle gains

• Possible side effects include headache and nausea

Natadrol – Final Thoughts

While Natadrol contains a proven ingredient in Cissus quadrangularis, we are not completely sold on the idea that it works better than any tribulus supplement. The issue is that the makers of Natadrol claim that tribulus terrestris hasn’t ever been proven to increase testosterone and even go as far to say it is a scam. However, after looking at the ingredients in Natadrol, we wonder which is really the scam.

Natadrol contains ingredients that haven’t been tested among humans or have been tested and shown not to work. The downsides of each ingredient outweigh the potential upsides.

Our recommendation to you is to look for a testosterone supplement that is a little more proven to work. Trubulus terrestris can actually work for you if you find a supplement with the right kind and the right amount. Keep an eye out for one that works. Before you decide, don’t forget to check out our top rated testosterone boosters.

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