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MyoTestWhat many people don’t fully comprehend is that men’s bodies still produce testosterone. While it’s true that testosterone production drops with age, you don’t actually stop producing the hormone. It’s what your body does with the testosterone that is important when trying to build muscle.

MyoTest is a testosterone booster designed by San Nutrition. It’s purpose is to not only increase testosterone levels, but also improve its function in the body. We’re going to go over the ingredients and blends found in MyoTest to determine just how effective it is in increasing testosterone and enhancing its muscle-building abilities.

MyoTest Ingredients:


Zinc is an essential nutrient that our body needs to function. Zinc is important because it helps build and repair muscle and bone tissue, it keeps cells healthy, and is essential to keeping your immune system strong. Needless to say, we probably wouldn’t survive without zinc. But we are able to consume enough zinc in a regular diet. Why would we need added zinc in supplement form? Recent research suggests that zinc can actually increase free testosterone levels by inhibiting estrogen production in the body. Zinc deficiencies can lead to excess estrogen, which causes health problems in men.

So supplementing cannot only improve your overall health, it can also increase free testosterone and improve muscle gains. That said, any real effects of supplemented zinc require a mega-dose. MyoTest only contains 6mg of zinc, which is hardly enough to make any substantial difference.

• Improved health and possible muscle gains
• Safe and proven

• Non-sufficient dosage
• Not very powerful

LH-Boosting, Pro-Sexual, & CYP-450 Mediated Support Matrix

Good news for you, there are more ingredients that are designed to increase testosterone levels. This patented blend is chalk full of ingredients like Quercetin and Horney Goat Weed extract that have been shown to increase testosterone levels and enhance its ability.

Quercetin has been shown in trials to increase free testosterone levels. It’s important, when increasing testosterone in the body, to make sure it remains free or active. Quercetin has been shown to do that. The only potential downside is that no human studies have been done using quercetin. So the results of the study may differ from your actual results.

Horney goat weed and Cnidium monnieri may not directly increase testosterone levels, but they have been shown to increase libido by mimicking the effects of testosterone. More libido means more energy and improved performance both in bed and in the gym.

• Increased free testosterone, libido, and energy
• Safe and side effect free

• Not very powerful
• Testing only done on animals

Aromatase Eradicator & Testosterone Trigger

As stated earlier, it’s one thing to increase testosterone, but it’s another to maintain its activity. Many testosterone boosters will stimulate hormone production in the brain, but don’t offer any anti-aromatase or DHT blockers. This blend contains ingredients like Resveratrol and Zinc Monomethionine in order to hinder the production of estrogen and DHT. Lower DHT reduces the risk of male pattern baldness while inhibiting estrogen production can prevent fat buildup around the chest.

This blend also contains BioPerine, which does nothing to directly increase testosterone levels, but instead increases the effectiveness of other ingredients. In other words, it is an upgrade ingredient that improves the effects of all the ingredients around it.

• Reduces DHT and estrogen production
• Enhances the capabilities of other ingredients

• No direct impact on testosterone production

SHBG Blocking & Free Test Amplifier

The extract of stinging nettle is behind the science in this blend. Like the previous blend, this compound doesn’t actually stimulate testosterone production, but rather improves its ability. Your body contains sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which attracts testosterone, preventing it from being used for muscle growth and repair.

Stinging nettle occupies SHBG, allowing for testosterone to pass freely and move onto building muscle.

• Occupies SHBG sites

• No direct effect on testosterone production

MyoTest – Conclusion

Just by looking at the ingredient list found in MyoTest, you can see that a lot of though was put into making this compound. There really is one or two ingredients that actually effect testosterone production, which may be a slight disadvantage to some testosterone boosters. The important thing to keep in mind though is that your body can produce its own testosterone, but there are other factors that prevent it from being used to build muscle. MyoTest counters those factors and appears to be an effective testosterone supplement that we would recommended to just about anybody.

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