Testosterone Training

testosterone trainingHave you hit a frustrating plateau in your strength and muscle training? Does it feel like no matter what you do, you just can’t bulk up any further? The answer to these problems may lie in your testosterone levels.

Testosterone is the “male” sex hormone secreted in the testes that helps, among other things to build muscle strength and mass. Without proper levels of testosterone, your body’s ability to gain muscle mass may decline [1].

Does that mean you have to turn to extreme hormone replacement therapy with all of its risks and side effects?

No. Along with supplementation with products like MyoRipped, resistance-training techniques can also help you naturally increase testosterone levels, maximizing your results in the gym and improving your overall health.

How does Training Increase Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone is a muscle-building hormone. Specific types of training, especially resistance training, help stimulate the testosterone to restore muscle fibers damaged during weight lifting [1].

What Types of Training Increase Testosterone Levels?

Studies have found that resistance training has a greater affect on your testosterone levels than endurance training. Because your body adapts to the exercise you subject it to, the increasing the challenge of weight training can likely increase testosterone levels over time [2].

When deciding what specific type of weight training to do, you should consider training that stimulates more than one muscle group at a time. Multi-joint exercises help stimulate more testosterone production—the more muscles you are working, the greater amount of testosterone released to help build those muscles [1].

Studies have found that leg exercises are more beneficial than arm exercises in spiking your testosterone levels, especially if you exercise your legs directly after arm pumps [3].

Hypertrophy training may also help increase testosterone levels. Hypertrophy uses more repetitions with lighter weights and shorter rest periods. Because testosterone can decline during rest periods, it is important to keep the time between exercises short [3].

Did you know that your testosterone levels fluctuate during the day? In most men, testosterone is at its peak in the morning. Performing your training in the morning may help increase the testosterone released during a workout.

What’s the bottom line with testosterone training?

If bulking up is your goal, you need healthy testosterone levels. To help your body along in naturally producing effective levels of testosterone pay attention to the following factors in your workouts:

• Resistance training is more effective than endurance training in increasing testosterone levels.
• Multi-joint exercises will provide optimal testosterone release.
• Leg reps stimulate more testosterone release than arm exercises.
• Shorten your rest periods between reps.
• Train in the morning when your testosterone levels are at their highest.

Performing the right kind of exercises in your training, in the correct way, may help relieve some of the symptoms associated with low testosterone levels aside from muscle gain. A low testosterone level can result in low energy, low libido, weight gain, and muscle loss.

Naturally increasing your testosterone levels through resistance training can help you build not only muscle but also the confidence and overall sense of health and well-being that comes with natural testosterone levels.

While you’re seeking to up your testosterone, we recommend you look at MyoRipped and our other top products for an idea of what your testosterone booster should look like.

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