Lovegra Review

Why do men get all the attention when it comes to sexual dysfunction?  Have women been forgotten?  Women are a part of the equation too and have issues along with the males.  We all know hormones in women can complicate things.  Just ask a PMS women how those hormones affect her each month!

Men may agree that women are extremely complicated humans.  We not only deal with hormones but we deal with bearing children.  After being up all night with a child the last thing most women want to do is think about having sexual pleasure.  During these years the sex drive may be on the low side and it can be frustrating for both partners.  Even menopause will cause the sex drive to become almost non-existent.

At last they are beginning to address these issues for women.  Lovegra is found to be a female viagra.  It is known as the “little pink pill” instead of that little blue pill for men.  Lovegra is used for female impotency and contains the same active ingredient as used in Viagra.

Do we need help?  Absolutely!  Why should men have all the fun and leave women out of the loop!

Does Lovegra Really Work?

Lovegra does not have any effect on testosterone levels.  The only known ingredient that is found in Lovegra is Sildenafil.  Sildenafil actively enhances the relaxing effect of nitrogen oxide on the smooth muscle and increase of blood flow.  Lovegra says it will improve the sensation of the female reproductive parts by improving the flow of the blood.  Some experts believe it is not recommended for women but only for men.

Lovegra Reviews – Is it Recommended by Users?

Lovegra gets mixed reviews from the medical world and the consumers.  Many consumers say it worked for them while others said they say no difference in their arousal issues.  Many experts warn of the side effects and health issues that should be concerning to those who are interested in taking this sexual enhancer.  The list of warnings and side effects is longer than the information about this sexual enhancement medication.

Lovegra Side Effects

The side effects of Lovegra are headaches, facial flushing, stomach disturbances, nasal congestion, urinary tract infections, diarrhea, dizziness, joint pain, skin rash and blurred vision. Some of these side effects may be dangerous. It has been noted that some can have permanent effects, such as blindness.

Lovegra should not be taken by those who suffer from any cardiovascular disease, liver disease or kidney disease.  It also should not be taken by those who have high or low blood pressure.

Does Lovegra Have a Reasonable Price?

Lovegra is an expensive sexual enhancer.  It works out to be about $6 a pill.  It can come in different increments.  As few as 8 pills and upward.  Of course, the more you buy the cheaper the price.  This medication is sold on several different pharmacy websites, all having different return policies and money back guarantees.  You need to check them out before purchasing or you are out of luck if you want your money back.

Lovegra Consumer Reviews

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Lovegra User Reviews

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  1. dispenser

    i have read and undersod about lovegra but can this also help in infertility women? like those who have problem in producing and my be problem in tube blokage.

    mwaka robert mao
    July 17, 2012 at 2:44 pm

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