LG Sciences MMV3 Review

Women get dazzled when they see men with the massive arm muscles and buff bodies. It will get women’s heads turning and most men love the attention. Maintaining an incredibly muscular body does have its advantages. Some men compete, some just like to look hot and some men love to push the limits of their bodies. Whatever the reason, there are supplements that help build mass and increase stamina.

LG Sciences MMV3 is a testosterone booster that contains methyl masterdrol which may help:

• Increase Strength
• Increase Stamina
• Enhance Fat Loss
• Increase Focus

Let’s find out if LG Sciences MMV3 can give you that amazing body.

Does LG Sciences MMV3 Work?

The ingredients in this prohormone include:

• Strength complex
o 3-alpha-hydroxyetioallocholan—a pine extract
o Hydroxyl propyl beta cyclodextrin

• Metabolism Complex
o Lechithin
o Chitosan
o Luteolin
o Yohimbine
o Beta hydroxyl-tyramine
o 7-methoxy-8-(3 methylbut-2-en-l-yl) 2H-chromen-2-one
o Spinancia extract

The key ingredients are 3 alpha-hydroxyetioallocholan which contains etioacholan which can be converted into an androgenic hormone called androstenedione which is a precursor to testosterone. The other ingredient is 7-methoxy-8 and is also a precursor to testosterone. These ingredients make it easier to convert this fomula into an anabolic fuel to build muscle mass.

Is LG Sciences MMV3 Highly Recommended by its Users?

There are no customer reviews available for this testosterone booster. Reviews are a great way to get a feel for a supplement before you start buying them. With no reviews available it is hard to know how successful this supplement will be for you.

Does LG Sciences MMV3 Have a Reasonable Price?

The retail price for LG Sciences MMV3 is $69.99. But on the official website for LG Sciences MMV3 this supplement is discontinued and is no longer sold on their website. This supplement is sold by other third party websites and this supplement is still in stock on many websites. This price was found as low as $19.99 so if you are wanting to grab up this testosterone supplement before it is all gone you will want to look around the web to find the best price.

There may be no money back guarantee associated with LG Sciences MMV3. It just depends on the third party website if it carries any type of guarantee.

Our Take

LG Sciences MMV3 is a testosterone booster supplement that may actually lower your natural testosterone levels while taking this supplement. This supplement also can cause the liver to turn toxic because of the methyl ingredients. If this is the case you need to take other supplements to counter the effects from LG Sciences MMV3. You would need to add two extra supplements just to keep your body in balance during this time which means more money and effort on your part.

There are other testosterone boosters available that may not cause these serious side effects. LG Sciences MMV3 is a discontinued product for a reason. Most likely this has been discontinued because of the problems that it causes and people are not willing to risk their health when there are better supplements on the market that give the same end results.

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