LG Sciences FORM-X Review

For some men losing weight is not good enough. They want to lose the fat but want muscles to replace that unsightly fat that has been hanging around the body way too long. There is a personal trainer that six months ago decided to turn is trim, muscular, fit body into a fat body. He wanted to see what it felt like so he could relate to his clients. He was surprised at the emotions that came with a fat body. He is now more than ready to go back to that fit person.

LG Sciences FORM-X claims to be one of those testosterone boosters that will help you burn fat and give you that ripped, strong, hard rock body. FORM-X says it contains a perfect balance of an aromatase inhibitor, strong testosterone booster and SERM complex that is designed to boost your body’s production of testosterone. It says FORM-X will stimulate your body naturally to produce natural testosterone.

LG Sciences claims “we are once again setting the standard that others never will reach. We are putting into your hands the strongest testosterone booster you will find on the market today.”

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that statement about a supplement I would be wealthy!
Time to see if this testosterone booster does the job or if they are just blowing smoke like so many other supplements.

Does it effectively increase your testosterone levels?

FORM-X does have a few ingredients that are suppose to help increase testosterone levels. The problem is that it is not strong enough to make much of a difference. There is also a proprietary blend of some ingredients which is always a great way to hide ingredients that are not strong enough to do any good.
• D-Aspartic Acid—an amino acid that may raise testosterone levels
• Anti-Aromatase—stops testosterone from being converted into estrogen. When testosterone is turned into estrogen it becomes useless for men
• Proprietary blend—quercetin which is an antioxidant, piperine which claims to increase thermogenesis and ginger which helps calm stomach ailments

Is LG Sciences FORM-X recommended by people who try it?

Since FORM-X is so new there are no reviews available. Reviews are a good indicator to tell you if the product works and if there are problems with it. Without these reviews you only have the company to believe and we all know that is not always a great resource!

Does it have a reasonable price?

FORM-X is sold on LG Sciences website for $49.99. Beware that it does not come with a money back guarantee. LG Sciences does not believe in giving money back guarantees for its products and will not even refund your money on an unopened bottle if you return it. That is a huge red flag!!

FORM-X has some good ingredients that may increase testosterone levels but it really is not powerful. Since it is so new, you may want to have others try it first before you invest your money on this testosterone booster.

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