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Intensi-TAs men age, they often find themselves struggling from the side-effects of andropause (decreased testosterone). This is the male version of menopause, during which times sperm count, libido, energy and muscle building ability seem to decrease significantly. When testosterone is lowered, some men may actually suffer from male enhancement and ejaculation issues as well.

Intensit-T is a supplement that claims to be able to increase testosterone levels, anabolic activity, energy and libido without any negative side-effects. However, we want to take a closer look at the ingredients before considering the use of Intensi-T.

The Formula

Found in Intensi-T are the following natural ingredients and the benefits they can provide to users:

Magnesium helps to boost the amount of free testosterone in your body by preventing it from binding to the sex hormone (SHBG) – it is found in 100 mg in this product, not enough to make a significant difference.

Zinc is thought of as the top testosterone boosting ingredient, because of its ability to inhibit the estrogen-producing aromatase enzyme – 30 mg are included in Intensi-T.

TestoBlend includes a proprietary blend of 410 mg of the following ingredients:
• testofen Fenugreek Extract
• tribulus terrestris extract
• eurycomia longfolia

The final proprietary blend is the Intensi-T Performance Blend. It includes saw palmetto extract and chrysin, which work to inhibit DHT and the estrogen-producing aromatase enzyme respectively.

Benefits of Intensi-T

The natural ingredients of Intensi-T are able to provide real benefits without producing any negative side-effects, which most consumers will consider to be a great quality of a testosterone boosting supplement.

Additionally, unlike many products on the market today, Intensi-T has had clinical trials performed on one particular ingredient, Testofen Fenugreek extract. These clinical trials showed a 98.81% increase in testosterone levels in participants of this trial.

Furthermore, you can find Intensi-T for as little as $18.99 for a bottle of 60 capsules and we believe that this makes it quite affordable for the majority of consumers.

Drawbacks of Intensi-T

While Intensi-T does have ingredients that have been proven to increase testosterone levels, there are other ingredients in this formula that have been tested and were not able to provide testosterone boosting effects as promised.

Two such ingredients were tribulus terrestris and chrysin, which have both been tested and shown no ability to produce the results you’re looking for. In fact, in the case of chrysin, just the opposite was seen and fat was gained with continued use.

Lastly, proprietary blends are not usually recommended because consumers cannot determine the effectiveness of each individual ingredient in the proprietary blend if they do not know the concentration levels.

What We Think

There are other products on the market that are sure to work for more proven, effective results than Intensi-T. Regardless of a lack of negative side-effects, a product that just doesn’t work isn’t worth any amount of money or time you decide to put into it.

We are disappointed that there is no satisfaction guarantee; however, the product is cheap enough that if you choose to purchase it anyway, you won’t be wasting large amounts of money. We, however, would not recommend Intensi-T to you at this time.

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Intensi-T User Reviews

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  1. Fbs

    So recently I’ve had alot of free time and have stetrad an exercise routine to get rid of this nasty mid section fat. I’ve stetrad out doing small things, like no more soda and nothing but water, I take vitamins in the morning, a C-complex and B to help convert food into energy. I watch how many calories I eat and try to eat health concious foods. As for the exercise routine, I’ve stetrad out soing 50 jumping jacks, 10 sit ups, 10 leg lifts and 10 push ups, every hour or so, and every time after I’ve eaten, sometimes I’ll do random jumping jacks through out the day, just to get my heart going. First question is, is this an okay routine? Eventually I’ll higher my numbers when I feel like it isn’t tearing me apart on the insides. Second question is, any good exersices that get rid of belly fat and back fat? And last is, is it normal to feel like I’m coming down with something? I assumed its my body getting use to the new routine. Any opinions or help would be appreciated! <3

    July 2, 2012 at 3:13 am

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