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There is no hormone in the human body that is more capable of building muscle and increasing sexual function than testosterone. This reason alone has made testosterone-boosting supplements very enticing to men of all ages and activity levels.

That said, not all testosterone boosters are created equally. Some have the ingredients needed to increase a body’s natural production of testosterone, while others simply don’t.

You see, some companies like to cut corners on their products in order to save money and time, while others just don’t do their research. As a savvy consumer, you’ll want to avoid these companies and the products they produce.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at one testosterone booster in particular, called HyperTest. Created by a company known as Axis Labs, HyperTest supposedly contains the best testosterone-boosting formula on this side of the moon.

But is this truly the case? Let’s first take a look at what this product has going for it…

The Pros

To begin, each serving of HyperTest contains a dosage amount of over 2,500 mg. In other words, there’s no need to worry about the potency of this product.

What we do need to worry about, is the quality of its ingredients. That said, we’re glad to inform you that there are a number of proven ingredients found in HyerTest’s blend.

hypertest supplement factsFirst off, you’ll find that HyperTest contains both tribulus terrestris and eurycoma longfolia. Both of these herbal extracts are known for their ability to induce leutinizing hormone (LH) production. In turn, LH helps the body to synthesize and secrete higher levels of testosterone.

Next, you’ll also find that HyperTest contains another ingredient called Chyrsin. Now, Chyrsin is considered an aromatase inhibitor.

Don’t know what aromatase is? Well, its the enzyme which helps to convert testosterone into estrogen – which is a good thing to have if you’re a woman, but a bad thing to think about if you’re a man.

Thus, by inhibiting aromatase, Chyrsin ensures that testosterone is not converted into estrogen.

Lastly, HyperTest doesn’t just contain testosterone-promoting ingredients. It also boasts of several libido-enhancing ingredients as well, including Maca Root and Horny Goat Weed.

In other words, you’re getting double the sexual pleasure from HyperTest – with your first heaping coming from an increase in testosterone, and your second heaping coming from these aphrodisiacs found in this product’s blend.

The Cons

Okay, enough with the sweet talk. What are the downsides to purchasing HyperTest?

Most importantly, although this product claims to help free “bounded” testosterone, we found no such evidence that it is actually capable of doing so. In other words, we didn’t find any ingredients in its blend that specialized in freeing testosterone.

When bound to various compounds, testosterone is rendered useless…which is why you want to aim for high levels of “free” testosterone as opposed to high levels of “bounded” testosterone.

That said, HyperTest does contain Bioperine, which is a bio-availability enhancer. Still, this doesn’t mask the fact that HperTest has no “unbinding” mechanism.

Also, HyperTest contains a very controversial ingredient in the form of ZMA. A mixture of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, ZMA is often found in testosterone-boosting supplements, but there is no conclusive evidence that it is actually effective.

How to Use HyperTest

One of the great things about HyperTest is the flexibility when it comes to timing and dosages. If you’re taking it as a dietary supplement to improve sexual performance, then simply take 4 capsules before bed time. If you want additional workout benefits, then you’ll want to take 2 capsules prior to your workout (and the remaining two before bed). Manufacturers recommend that you use Hypertest continuously for a minimum of 8 weeks in order to get the best results.

Product Pricing and Guarantee

If you like the confidence of buying an untainted formula directly from the manufacturers then you can purchase Hypertest from Axislabs.net for approximately $59.95, and as an added bonus, manufacturers throw in a free gift and free shipping as well as 10% of the profits to the wounded warrior project.

However, if you’d rather save your money, then you can order from second party distributors such as bodybuilding.com for $33.98 or from A1supplements.com for $32.95.

Ordering from the manufacturers automatically covers you with a 100% guarantee. If you do not feel that the product performs as advertised, you can fill out a redemption form available on the website within 45 days of the purchase date of your product. Once received, Axis labs will send your replacement product and cover the shipping and handling for the replacement – not exactly the best idea for a dietary supplement, but hey, maybe you can send the replacement bottle somewhere else to get your money back.

The Skinny

In closing, there are plenty of reasons to like HyperTest, and a few reasons to be pessimistic about this product.

With this in mind, we’ve decided that the tipping point for this product comes in its cost efficiency. You can purchase a one-month’s supply of HyperTest for just $39.45! This is a great deal compared to the price you’d have to pay for other testosterone boosters.

As such, you may as well give this product a try – especially if you’re on a tight budget.

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