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There comes a time when each supplement company needs to expand its horizons and try to create a new product that is unique and different than all the other products on the market.  

This is what I feel like Applied Nutriceuticals attempted to do with their testosterone booster Free Test.  After the negative side effects began to outweigh the positives for many of the pro-hormone products the search for the next great testo-booster began.

There has been more focus these days on increasing the levels of free testosterone within the body.  Free Testosterone is not bound to anything in the body, which means that it can flow freely in the blood stream and interact with muscles directly.  This can be useful because an added boost during a workout can been noticed in strength gains, faster recovery times, and an increase in lean muscle mass.

The only catch is that free testosterone only accounts for about 2% of the total testosterone in the body -so it can still be beneficial to raise the free testosterone levels but it is not addressing the issue head on.

Consequently, I can’t help but wonder, is Free Test a good option?

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What’s Inside?

Free Test is designed to inhibit receptors that convert testosterone into estrogen.  The endogenous receptors are those that breakdown and lower the body’s free testosterone levels.  The idea is this, if you stop the body from breaking down the testosterone that it is already producing then naturally the testosterone levels in the body are going to increase.  So what Free Test does, is prohibits the production of estrogen, which will increase testosterone levels.

free test supplement factsSupposedly it achieves this result via all natural ingredients in a proprietary blend – however, I’m a little hesitant about the ingredients:

Acetyl L-carnitine: is an amino acid that plays a key role in energy production and is a natural treatment for various mental disorders, including Alzheimer’s and age-related memory loss.

The body can convert Acetyl-l-carnitine into L-carnitine and vice versa, but researchers are unclear as to whether the effects are from the chemical itself. For improving male infertility, experts recommend 1 gram of acetyl-l-carnitine combined with 2 grams of l-carnitine daily, though 4000 mg of Acetyl-l-carnitine has been effectively used to improve sperm function.

N-Acetyl Cysteine: is composed of the amino acid L-cysteine, and it is typically used to treat tylenol poisoning by binding to the poisonous forms of acetaminophen formed in the liver. It also has some antioxidant properties to help eliminate free radicals from the body.

Forslean: is a patented form of the herb Coleus Forskohlii, a natural fat burner and thermogenic. Coleus increases the production of Cyclic AMP to improve energy levels and increase fat metabolism, though some believe it may be able to treat sexual problems as well.

Resveratrol: is extracted naturally from grapes and it offers various anti-aging properties due to its antioxidant nature.

Quercetin DiHydrate: is a plant-derived flavanoid which may be able to boost metabolism and improve the immune system.

3.7 Keto DHEA: is a metabolite of the adrenal hormone DHEA that is not converted into steroid hormones such as androgen and estrogen. Supposedly it can enhance immune function, decrease muscle loss, and improve the body’s ability to cope with stress. However, at this time there is not enough information to know the appropriate dosage of 7-Keto.

Bioperine: has very little effect on the body on its own. Rather, it improves the bioavailablity of other nutrients, increasing your body’s ability to absorb the ingredients in this formula.

While it doesn’t hurt to throw a few additional vitamins and minerals on top of the mix, I can’t help but think that consumers should approach such a large proprietary blend with caution – after all, you never quite know whether or not the concentrations are in their correct amounts or whether they’ll result in negative side effects.

Additionally, I’m a little confused about several of the ingredients in this formula. Many of them have not been thoroughly researched and studied, and some ingredients don’t have an impact on testosterone levels at all.

Potential Risks and Side Effects

Free Test may use natural extracts and compounds, but this supplement is definitely not one you should use on a whim. Ingredients such as Coleus Forskohlii can cause negative side effects such as flushing and low blood pressure, while N-Acetyl cysteine may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation.

A few consumers reported a “fishy” odor in their sweat, and this can be attributed to the high concentrations of Acetyl-L-Carnitine – some individuals are unable to metabolize this ingredient properly, and if you are experiencing this symptom, you’ll want to discontinue use and consult your doctor.

Some consumers also experienced an increase in acne, which is often attributed to a flux in hormones – potentially a symptom for increased testosterone, but not necessarily.

If you are currently taking any medication, you’ll also want to consult your doctor before using this supplement.

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Is it Highly Recommended?

There was a pilot study that was preformed ‘in house’ at Applied Nutriceuticals that used 6 people and they tested the levels of free testosterone before and after taking Free Test.  The ages of the participants ranged from 18-46.  The majority of the participants were in their mid 30’s.  Often times early to mid 30’s is when many man begin to notice that their testosterone levels are beginning to drop.   The study showed that Free Test did indeed increase the free testosterone levels while blocking the production of estrogen and cortisol.

However, this study is a bit questionable as it was conducted by Applied Nutriceuticals, so it may be biased in the product’s favor. Additionally, the study was very small – just 6 people? To get more accurate results, a study needs to involve a wide number of individuals with various backgrounds, body types, lifestyles, etc.

How Much Does it Cost?

Applied Nutriceuticals sells Free Test on their website for $60, I was able to find a bottle of 100 capsules for about $35 on the web at sites such as and 

However, you may want to order from directly just to have access to the 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee. Only products purchased directly from the manufacturers are eligible for a refund, but if you send in your name, address, date of purchase, and reason for return to, your refund will be processed upon receipt of the unusued portion.

Final Thoughts

The antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in this formula definitely offer some worthwhile benefits for improving your overall health. Assuming everything works perfectly, you may be able to experience a mild increase in testosterone levels – but rarely, if ever, do dietary supplements work as perfectly as manufacturers make it out to be.

With such a high price and a proprietary blend consisting of unproven ingredients, Free Test doesn’t quite seem worth the investment.

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Free Test User Reviews

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  1. Mr

    I want to have more muscle and power in my live so I would like to try your product

    OKA Joni
    August 26, 2012 at 11:29 pm
  2. Muscle

    Need more muscle

    OKA Joni
    August 26, 2012 at 11:30 pm
  3. Comment

    I really liked using recycle as my test booster, since it really helped my test and energy levels.

    January 22, 2013 at 8:39 pm
  4. Comment

    I want a free sample

    May 12, 2014 at 3:38 pm
  5. Comment

    I will like to try a free sample
    do you have any promotions aroun

    jose ramirez
    October 3, 2014 at 4:23 pm
    • Comment

      We do not sell the products, we only write reviews for them. If you would like a free sample, please contact Free Test customer service to see if one is available.

      October 14, 2014 at 9:39 am

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