Firminite Review

Has your pleasure and performance in the bedroom been blocked by frustrating and embarrassing problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or low libido?

All of these problems can be a quick and hard blow to any man’s self-esteem.

Firminite promises to help restore your confidence in your sexual performance by providing you with rock-hard erections in just 24 minutes!

Claiming to be doctor recommended and clinically proven, Firminite promises instant arousal, better orgasms, no premature ejaculation, and the ability to go all night long.

Does Firminite really have the right formula to keep going “stronger and longer than any supplement?”

Firminite Ingredients

Firminite features a formula containing both herbal and medicinal ingredients. The following ingredients are included in many male enhancers, but none of them have been consistently clinically-proven to have the advertised effetcs.

• Eurycoma longfolia – male enlargement, increase sexual desire
• Jatropha aphrodisiaca – restore testosterone levels, aid for premature ejaculation
• Horny Goat Weed – increase sexual activity, improve sperm production
• Maca – increase stamina and energy
• Tribulus terrestris – increase testosterone levels
• Catuaba Bark Extract – increases blood flow
• L-Arginine – dilates blood vessels, improving blood flow to genital area
• Taurine – helps move potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium in and out of cells, promoting energy
• Glucuronolactone – energy booster
• Caffeine – boosts energy and increases alertness

Does Firminite Really Work?

Firminite includes jatropha aphrodisiaca and tribulus terrestris, both intended to increase your testosterone levels.

Tribulus terrestris is a popular ingredient in many testosterone boosters, however it has failed to consistently increase testosterone levels in clinical studies. One study in the 1970s claimed that tribulus terrestris had an effect on testosterone levels. No studies since have had the same findings.

Firminite does not contain any clinically proven testosterone-boosting ingredients.

Is Firminite Highly Recommended by its Users?

Reviews for Firminite are a mixed bag. Some users report results within 30-60 minutes, while others feel they were totally ripped off by Firminite.

It’s hard to tell what reviews are honest and which ones may be biased. Even outside of the testimonials on the Firminite official website, reviews are mixed.

Does Firminite Have a Reasonable Price?

Firminite is listed at $39.95, which is a fairly typical price for male enhancement products.

Firminite does offer a 30-day money back guarantee. The stipulations of this guarantee are that you can only use five pills and must return the unused portion in order to get your full refund.

According to Firminite advertising, you should notice results after just one pill, so five should supposedly be enough to determine whether or not Firminite is worth keeping.

Firminte – Final Thoughts

Firminite does not contain any clinically proven ingredients to deliver the caliber of results they promise. Many of the herbal ingredients may help effect your arousal and erection level, but whether or not they can help you go “all night long” remains questionable.

With a money-back guarantee and positive customer reviews to back it, you might feel that Firminite is at least worth a shot. However, I wouldn’t count on the miraculous, instant, and all-night results that Firminite promises.

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Firminite User Reviews

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  1. Firminite sort of works

    I ordered Firminite from the Uk. The product is oriced as many of it’s competitors, however when you add shipping and customs charges it is quite expensive. The results were not as dramatic as the hype would have you believe. There were definite results which built up over a period of continuous medication. The benefits included stronger,longer lasting erections and an increase in flaccid penis size. Interestingly the effects of ageing on the prostate seemed to be somewhat alleviated during the period firminite was being taken. As for value for money, I feel that there are products available in the Uk which could have similar effects and at a cheaper price.

    April 24, 2012 at 8:58 am

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