Endowmax Review

Are you feeling like your manliness has gone down the drain?  Your sex drive has disappeared and you feel like you have failed your manhood?  Don’t despair, it is something that millions of men are feeling and that is why there are so many male sexual enhancers on the market today.  It is a lucrative business since you figure there are over 30 million men suffering in the United States alone.

Most of us think of erectile dysfunction as only happening to men as they age.  You may be one of those who is young and fit and you still have problems.  Age may be a contributing factor  in some cases but there are so many reasons that men can not maintain an erection 0r even get one.  You may even notice that your sex drive has driven off in the sunset!

Luckily, there is help for all those that are suffering.  There a prescription medications and natural herbal supplements that can aid those in need.  We have all heard of Viagra and Cialis but many of us prefer to take natural herbal supplements instead of synthetic medications.  Endowmax is a male sexual enhancement supplement that claims to help improve sexual performance, libido and erection quality.  In fact, they claim many men report a noticeable increase in erectile fullness and firmness within just a few weeks.

Endowmax says it guarantees to produce penis growth as well as increased stamina.  Let’s see how this male enhancer stands up to the rest of the supplements on the market.

Does Endowmax Really Work?

Endowmax does contain tribulus terrestis which is a testosterone booster but it is unknown if it effectively increases testosterone levels.  It comes in a proprietary blend so the amount of tribulus is unknown and we don’t know if it is strong enough to make a difference.  The rest of the ingredients in this formula are:

  • Epimedium–known as horny goat weed.  It regulates blood flow to the penis
  • Maca–increases energy, vitality and sexual virility
  • L-Arginine–enables the arteries to relax and expand leading to an increase of blood flow to the penis
  • Muira Puama–used to treat impotence
  • Catuaba Bark–an aphrodisiac
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabosa–induces smooth muscle relaxation which then increases blood flow
  • Gamma Amino Butyric Acid–it improves mood and relieves anxiety
  • Cnidium Monnier–increases nitric oxide which allows erections to be sustained longer
  • Tribulus Terrestris–a testosterone booster

This formula does not contain Yohimbine like so many other male sexual enhancement supplements which can lead to side effects.

Is Endowmax Highly Recommended by its Users?

Endowmax does not appear to have any consumer reviews floating around the internet except for the ones on the Endowmax official website.  Do you think they are going to include any negative reviews about a product they are trying to sell?

Does Endowmax Have a Reasonable Price?

Endowmax is found on their official website for $59.95 which is expensive for a sexual enhancer.  It does say it comes with a money back guarantee but that is unclear if you have to buy 2 bottles to get the guarantee or if you can only return two bottles to get it.  Very confusing so if you buy you may want to clarify it.

Endowmax is a male sexual enhancement supplement that has some good ingredients in its formula.  It touts that it can help you lengthen your penis but no supplement can do that!  It may do it temporarily when aroused but that is about it.  They say it will take weeks to notice a change which is a long time to wait.

Since there is no clinical evidence that Endowmax works and it is pricey you may want to see what this website recommends before buying.

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