Endoshield Review

EndoshieldIf you are trying to build your testosterone levels, you should know how important it is to continue a healthy and balanced dieting lifestyle. That means eating the right foods and exercising. You may even want to consider taking a multivitamin supplement. Axis Labs has created a supplement that might be able to help. It’s called Endoshield.

Endoshield is a 2 in 1 supplement that utilizes active ingredients that boost testosterone levels along with maintaining a healthy intake of essential vitamins and minerals. But the real question is, “does it work?”

We are going to focus on the testosterone building side of Endoshield so see if it is even worth buying as a testosterone supplement.

What to Look For

Before purchasing a testosterone supplement, you need to make sure you know the ingredients are proven effective and safe. You want ingredients that can not only build testosterone but maintain the level of testosterone in your body.

Because Endoshield contains extra ingredients as a multivitamin supplement, it is hard to find what ingredients actually build testosterone. We’re here to help you out. These are the ingredients we found.

Used in many dietary supplements but not in the same dosage as found in Endoshield, which contains 2500 IU of Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 has been shown to increase testosterone production when taken at higher doses.

Magnesium is a mineral that has been linked to the production of active testosterone. Magnesium is important because it inhibits the attraction of testosterone to SHBG which can reduce beneficial effects of the testosterone.

Zinc has been tested and shown to be a possible source of testosterone maintenance. Not enough evidence is available to support full effectiveness.

Vitamin K2
Experiments have been done on rats showing vitamin K2 and its ability to stimulate a testosterone synthesizing enzyme, thus increasing testosterone levels.

Boron was tested and shown to increase testosterone levels in just one week.

Unlike the previously listed ingredients, Quercetin does not produce testosterone. Rather, it hinders the transformation of testosterone into estrogen.

Is it Worth it

One month of Endoshield can cost you around $25 which is relatively inexpensive in the testosterone supplement market. Unfortunately, there is no money back guarantee which makes Endoshield a little risky. If it doesn’t bring results, you may just find yourself out 25 bucks.

The good news with Endoshield is that, even if it doesn’t increase your testosterone levels or improve your overall performance, you can at least be satisfied knowing you at least have a multivitamin supplement.

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