EDAA Review


While many men who take testosterone boosters are indeed those trying to enhance their muscle and performance gains, there is another group of consumers who often benefit from the use of these supplements.

That group involves men who are well past their primes in terms of athletic ability, and many who can even claim that they’re retired or a grandparent.

Along those lines, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see an older man buying a tesosterone booster at a store near you. You see, a lack of testosterone and growth hormone (GH) not only affects athletic ability, but it hinders a male’s sexual function, memory function and mood as well.

As such, testosterone boosters cater to both the young and old alike. In this review, we’re going to take a brief glance at one such supplement, named EDAA. Made by Youth Addict, EDAA serves not only as a testosterone booster but as a GH releaser as well on the side.

The Product

To begin, we often assume that supplements with a lot on their plates have more intricate blends than they normally do.

This is most certainly the case with EDAA, which only has two active ingredients in its entire blend. These two ingredients include the amino acid-like D-Aspartic Acid and sodium.

More specifically, there are 3 grams of D-Aspartic Acid coupled with a slight pinch (655mg) of sodium.

Also, EDAA comes in a flavorless, powder form that contains an effervescent formula.

The Pros

Moving on then, there are a number of things that we like about EDAA. For starters, D-Aspartic Acid has proven itself time and time again to be capable of enhancing a body’s production of not only testosterone but GH as well.

While GH is simply synthesized and secreted from the pituitary gland, D-Aspartic Acid takes two different routes in promoting testosterone production.

First of all, it enhances testes function, which is the main site of testosterone production. In addition, studies have also shown that D-Aspartic Acid can increase a body’s production of luteinzing hormone (LH) – which is a testosterone precursor. while we won’t go into the details of LH, just know that it increases the amount of testosterone produced by the testes.

All that said, you may be wondering how in the world D-Aspartic Acid is able to promote GH, LH and tesosterone production. Simply put, its a unique neurotransmitter that positively affects parts of the nervous system which control hormone production.

The Problems

On the other hand, studies have also shown inconclusively that D-Aspartic Acid may also increase a body’s production of aromatase. If you’re unfamiliar with this enzyme, its the enzyme which converts testosterone into estrogen.

While this conversion is a great thing for women, its very detrimental to me. You see, high levels of estrogen have been linked to male baldness and weight gain – two things that no man wants.

And while there is no conclusive evidence that D-Aspartic Acid does, indeed, contribute to the creation of aromatase, this is obviously a concern that should be given considerable attention.

The Price

In terms of what you can expect to pay for EDAA, a 33-serving tub only costs $25 at retail price. This makes EDAA one of the cheaper options when it comes to testosterone boosters.

Pick It or Pitch It?

In conclusion, the potential for D-Aspartic Acid to be an aromatase enhancer obviously alters how we perceive this product.

Still, because there is no conclusive evidence to justify that it does indeed cause a proliferation in aromatase, we’d still consider EDAA an above-average option when you take all factors into account – especially its price.

That said, individuals who are under the age of 21 should not use this product, and all individuals should consult medical advice before taking EDAA.

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