Zencore Plus Review

Most of us think men have erectile dysfunction (ED) because of aging.  ED can affect the young, fit man as well.  Acoording to the National Institutes of Health, ED affects as many as 30 million men in the United States.

No wonder we see so many advertisements for medications for ED in the media.  It is a real problem that affects more men than realized.  Because most people would rather try natural herbal supplements before trying a prescription medication.  There are hundreds of male sexual enhancement supplements on the market today.

Zencore Plus is one of them.  They claim it is a scientifically formulated blend of 21 natural herbs.  There are 10 capsules per bottle.  They say that this hard packed combination can assist users with increasing stamina and much longer erections.  It is not a daily supplement but one that should be taken as needed.

Zencore Plus says it will work within 45 minutes and will last for 24 hours.  It sounds to me that it will take the spontaniety out of that romantic moment if you have to wait!  They say this male sexual enhancement supplement works by stimulating the production of nitric oxide, which allows fo blood vessels to dilate and allow more blood flow to the genitals.  Extra blood flow translates to larger and harder erections.

Can Zencore Plus give you back your romantic functions?  Time to find out.

Does it effectively increase testosterone levels?

Zencore Plus is a proprietary blend of ingredients.  While there are many erection enhancers there may not be a real increase of testosterone levels.  Since this is a proprietary blend it is unknown if the right amounts are in the ingredients in this formula.  They may be too weak to do much good.

Is Zencore Plus highly recommended by people who try it?

Since there are mixed reviews available for this male sexual enhancement product it is a toss up if it is worth it.  Consumer reviews are a great  barometer to help us decide if a product is worth trying or if it is one to stay away from.

Does it have a reasonable price?

Zencore Plus is a male sexual enhancer that is priced at $54.95 for 10 pills but if you look on the internet you can find it for as low as $34.95.  It does come with a money back guarantee so if you are unhappy with this supplement you are not out of luck to get your money back.

Zencore Plus is a proprietary blend which is a great way to hide the potency of the ingredients in a supplement.  You don’t know if these great ingredients will work with the amount that is put in the formula.  Many supplements do this trick and you think you are getting a great product!

Zencore Plus is a supplement that will only fix the ED temporarily.  You have to wait 45 minutes before it will work which can take all the romantic moments out of the equation.  Then it only lasts for 24 hours so it is not one that will give you long term improvement.


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