VitaliKoR Male Enhancement Review

VitaliKoR Male Enhancement is a sexual enhancement booster for men that is intended to give you back your libido and vigor that you once had in your youth. VitaliKoR Male Enhancement claims to give you both physical and emotional benefits that will enhance your love life.

Does it effectively increase your testosterone levels?

None of the ingredients are known to be testosterone boosters. However, there are other ways to promote sexual heath other than increase your testosterone levels. VitaliKoR Male Enhancement offers ingredients that are known to boost sexual health and enhance your libido and vigor.

Unfortunately, we can not know how effective any of the ingredients in the VitaliKoR Male Enhancement formula will be. This is because of the use of proprietary blends which hides the ingredient amounts from view.

  • Fructus Lycii
  • Rhizoma Polygonati
  • Semen Ziziphi Spinosae
  • Flos Caryophylli
  • Cortex Cinnamomi
  • Semen Allii Toberosi
  • Fructus Foeniculi
  • Rhizome Dioscoraea
  • Poria
  • Radix Puerariae Lobatae
  • Semen Sesami Nigrum
  • Herba Epimedii
  • Rhizoma Curcurligimis
  • Radis Rehmanniae

Is it highly recommended by people who try it?

Most people that try VitaliKoR Male Enhancement are happy with the results. Many of the customer reviews are positive. There are some that are negative, citing either that it did not work for them or that they experienced side effects of some sort. Here are some of the positive and negative reviews.

“Worked well for me on 1st try considering that the only info I had on this product was from reviews on this site. Wife & I are both pleased. Best non-prescription supplement I’ve tried.”

“I am 37 years young and was falling flat half way through.After doing some research found this product and decided to give it a try. Price is right and the effects are unbelievable hard as a rock all night long and had no lapse for multiple rounds. Experienced no side effects at all”

“I have taken this 4 times now and have not seen any results. Maybe I am taking it wrong? I have been taking 2 every other day. I have not had any side effects, but no effects either.”

“This product is effective after 2 to 3 hrs of drinking two pills, but after 5 hrs my head aches a lot and also i can’t sleep because of tingling nerves in my legs. At first i thought i had a bad colds so i took sudafed & tylenol I feel relieved. But next three days i tried it again same thing happen so i suspect this Vitalikor cause the headaches. I don’t know if anybody experience what i feel.”

Does it have a reasonable price?

VitaliKoR Male Enhancement cost about $60 which is getting up there. They do not disclose the ingredient amounts so $60 seems like a lot to ask for when it is impossible to know if it will work or not. There is a money back guarantee offered by GNC.

You have 30 days to try VitaliKoR Male Enhancement and  if you are not satisfied you can return it for a full refund. You can basically try it risk free except that you have to pay the shipping and handling.

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VitaliKoR Male Enhancement User Reviews

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    I took 2 pills and the pill gave me a sinus headache that last almost 24 hour, the headache is annoying.

    November 16, 2011 at 11:56 am

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