Promaxum Review

We never think about how our bodies work until we have a problem with it.  It is like a car, we drive it all over town and never think about the maintenance it needs until we start hearing noises or it does not run smoothly.  Am I right?  Our bodies can be the same way.  We don’t pay much attention to the normal functions of it until we “hear” a few noises or something does not work right.

Young men just expect that they are manly and that all male body parts work at the ultimate performance each and every time.  They don’t give it much thought that their penis may not work as well as before.  It comes to many as a shock when the “plumbing” does not work at top performance each and every time.

Promaxum is one of those male sexual enhancement supplements that goes along with so many other enhancers claiming to help with those erection problems.  Most men think erectile dysfunction only happens to older men.  In fact 70% of the men with erectile dysfunction cases can be caused by diseases like obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, vascular diseases and even stress and depression.

Promaxum is categorized into all the sexual enhancers but does it really make a difference?  Time to find out if this male enhancer is one you want to use or stay away from.  See what interesting things we found about this supplement.

Does it effectively increase testosterone levels?

It would be nice if we could say that it does increase the testosterone levels when taking this supplement.  However, there is no list of ingredients but only a mention of using Forslean, L-arginine and yohimbine.  Forslean is one ingredient that you will find in many diet supplements.  It helps increase absorption familiar to bioperine but does nothing for ED.  The amounts of L-arginine and yohimbine are unknown so they may be useless in this formula.  When a company is trying to hide amounts it usually means that they are way to weak to make a difference.

Is Promaxum highly recommended by people who try it?

Promaxum is a male sexual enhancement supplement that has no reviews available on the internet.  Consumer reviews are a great indicator if a product is any good or not.  This product has very little information on it anywhere!!   That tells you something right there!

Does it have a reasonable price?

Promaxum is a mystery male sexual enhancer because you can not buy it anywhere.  It is not available for sale.  There have been comments on the internet that have been using the word scam in the same sentence as Promaxum.  Some say it is a direct marketing company that was out to make money and did not worry if the product was any good.

Promaxum was given a rating of F compared to other sexual enhancers on the market.  They claim it is a cheap product made by a cheap company.  Luckily, it must be off the market these days.

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