NewVigor by VitaLast Review

NewVigor by VitaLast is a sexual enhancement testosterone booster that claims to help men regain the vitality, vigor and stamina of their youth. To find out if this could be the solution you have been looking for, take a look below.

Does it effectively increase your testosterone levels?

The ingredients and dosage amounts in NewVigor by VitaLast suggest strongly that this formula could be the testosterone booster you are looking for. You have to take 5 pills daily which sounds like a bit of a pain.

L-Arginine HCI – This ingredient is known to benefit men with erectile dysfunction. You have to take quite a bit of it in order for it to be effective. NewVigor by VitaLast offers the proper amount.

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI – This will help to enhance your cellular health on a couple of different levels including energy and immunity.

North American Deer Antler Velvet – This has been shown to increase joint health and can provide benefits for cardiovascular health and overall vitality.

Brazillian Maca Root Extract – This is known to help balance out your hormone levels in order to benefit those with erectile dysfunction.

Is it highly recommended by people who try it?

It seems that the recommendations are either red hot or ice cold. There is not a lot of in between in the reviews.

“Works great for me, I really notice a difference, glad I tried it! I’ve tried at least 3 of these kinds of products, this is the first one that did anything. I was a little hesitant to order because first there were all those great 5-star reviews, but then suddenly there were some put-downs too. But I figured I’d give it a shot. Like everything here, there is a money back guarantee, contrary to what someone else said, so that makes it easier. And now I see there are more good reviews again too, and I’m adding another, because there’s so much snake oil out there, people should know when something good like this comes along!”

“Expensive, and doesn’t work!…made me have “weird” dreams (not even sexual dreams) and basically nothing else!”

“Taking 5 pills up to twice a day is ridiculous.. In addition it had no effect. I did take it back for a full refund.”

“I bought this after reading reveiws. I received the product with the new label and used as perscribed for the first few weeks, then increased dosage as directed. It had no effect at all.[…] they sent a new bottle(ingedients from new vendors)and that had no effect as well. I am 40 and I do not suffer from ED or any other disorder. I was looking for extra energy as I work over night. I got a B12 shot and feel better now”

Does it have a reasonable price?

NewVigor by VitaLast cost about $60 which seems pretty standard for sexual enhancement testosterone boosters. NewVigor by VitaLast discloses all of the facts about it’s ingredients which puts it a step ahead of most off the other testosterone boosters out there.

GNC also offers a money back guarantee so you can try NewVigor by VitaLast risk free.

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