Cyclin GF Review

Cyclin GFTestosterone is produced in the pituitary gland and is found in smaller amounts as you age. The purpose of testosterone boosters is to replenish the hormone in your body to give you more energy, libido, and muscle gains. While the results of natural testosterone stimulation are still being debated, the general opinion is that there are natural testosterone supplements that have been shown to effectively boost testosterone levels. The trick is finding the ingredients that work.

Cyclin GF was created by Maximum Human Performance Company who claim that their testosterone booster goes above and beyond what other boosters do. We’re going to see just what makes this supplement so unique.

What Makes Cyclin GF Unique?

Cyclin GF is considered a nighttime anabolic, according to MHP. Anabolic essentially means growth, as in muscle growth. Testosterone helps produce muscle gains, but the makers of Cyclin GF didn’t focus all their efforts on testosterone, like many boosters. Cylcin is unique because it relies on recent technology that argues that the deep within muscle tissue are muscle precursor cells. Stimulating these cells can lead to increased muscle growth, according to some studies, and Cyclin GF is designed to tap into that research.

Being able to not only produce testosterone, but also stimulating muscle precursor cells can be potentially exciting for body builders and athletes alike. But the real issue is, does it work? Let’s break down the ingredients found in Cyclin GF to see just how anabolic it is.


Cyclin GF contains 3 proprietary blends along with the natural ingredients vitamin B6, zinc, and magnesium. Each blend is formulated with a specific purpose in mind.

MPC Awakening and Maturation Agent
This blend is most like any other testosterone booster. It contains ingredients like ZMA and Tongkat ali, which have both been shown to increase testosterone production when provided at effective doses. Unfortunately, because MHP doesn’t disclose the dosage of each ingredient, we are unable to determine if the dosage is correct, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

This blend also contains ingredients like Melatonin and Valeriana officinalis root, which have both been used to treat sleep disorders. The concept behind these ingredients is that the body is better able to produce hormones during sleep. The better sleep you get, the more hormones the body produces.

Cell Cycle Arrest Inhibitors
Designed to enhance overall health and inhibit estrogen production, this blend contains ingredients like Quercetin and Humulus lupulus (hops). A healthy body is better able to produce testosterone and anti-estrogen ingredients are important to reduce the risk of side effects like excess fat around the chest and waist areas.

DNA Checkpoint Clearance Factors
DNA and RNA supplementation has been shown to increase energy, libido, and overall performance. Supplementing DNA and RNA can also promote wellness and boost the immune system according to some. However, there is no official research that proves these benefits.

On top of DNA and RNA supplementation, this blend also contains Uncaria tomentosa, which is known to be a strong antioxidant.

Our Suggestion

Cyclin GF really only contains a few ingredients that are designed to increase testosterone. The other ingredients may help increase overall health and enhance sleep, but you probably won’t see substantial testosterone increases.

The theory that muscle precursor cells can be tapped into is still relatively new and we weren’t able to find any research suggesting that these ingredients can effectively do that. However, it is an interesting concept with some upside.

We don’t recommend Cycin GF, however, simply because it costs $80. You are probably better off spending about half that on a common testosterone booster. If you haven’t had much success with testosterone boosters, then you may want to consider something unique like Cyclin GF, but otherwise we suggest trying something else.

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