Boladrol Review

Testosterone plays a key role in male’s secondary sex characteristics. One of these characteristics is increased muscle mass. That is the reason for that so many people decide to supplement with testosterone and testosterone boosters. The idea is that with more testosterone in your system, you will be able to build muscle size and strength faster.

Isn’t taking a testosterone supplement illegal? Yes. However taking pro-hormone supplements is not considered illegal. Pro-hormones are precursors to hormone production in your body. These supplements don’t actually contain artificial testosterone like anabolic steroids do. That is the reason that they are considered to be legal supplements.

Boladrol is a supplement that many serious weight lifters take. It is a pro-hormone that claims to have a long of list of positive side effects.

Claims of Boladrol

Boladrol claims to increase the natural production of testosterone in your body. Boladrol also contains estrogen blockers because, as many people may not know, as testosterone levels in your body rise estrogen levels also rise. More estrogen will not help anyone gain muscle mass so this is a good thing.

Boladrol claims that you should expect to see extreme gains in muscle mass and strength, increased gym aggression, faster results, broken strength building plateaus, and personal records being set.

Are the Claims true?

In our opinion, this product’s advertising may give some people false expectations. You will not gain pounds and pounds of muscle overnight. However, research has shown that pro-hormones can have an effect on the testosterone level in your body.

With more testosterone circulating in your system, you will be able to build muscle more quickly. It is possible that Boladrol will help you reach your weight lifting goals. Boladrol can help you build muscle faster as well, when compared to taking no supplement.

Are There Side Effects?

There are definitely side effects from taking this supplement. Other than the increases in muscle mass and strength, there are other less desired side effects. This supplement, as mentioned before, does not contain any testosterone like anabolic steroids do. However the side effects are very similar. Some of the possible side effects are trouble sleeping, acne, and enlarged prostate and breasts.

Something to Think About

Pro-hormones have been banned from certain athletic organizations. If you are an athlete, it might be wise to steer clear of any supplement that might prevent you from competing in your event. Or, if you are set on taking a supplement, check with the head of your organization which supplements are ok to take and which ones should be avoided.

Other pro-hormones have been placed on the government’s controlled substance list. This probably would only be done to products that are potentially dangerous.

Should You Buy?

One thing to think about before you buy this supplement is whether or not the side effects are worth the muscle gain you might see. One of the effects touted by this company is increased aggression in the gym. How do you know you won’t also be more aggressive outside of the gym?

This product will most likely help you gain muscle though. So if the side effects are not a concern for you, go ahead and give it a try.

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