Argionic Capsules Review

All natural sexual enhancers have been around for thousands of years.  Herbs have proven to increase desire and libido are no stanger to many cultures around the world.  Herbs have been proven to help many diseases and conditions from ancient times to today’s time.

New technology is continually improving supplements and they are becoming more effective and powerful.  Argionic Capsules is one of those male sexual enhancement supplement that claims that they don’t promise to make a man’s penis bigger but instead they claim to make it harder, stronger and more rigid making sex more pleasurable.

There was a recent study done that asked women if it really matter to them if males had a bigger penis.  The results were surprising to many.  Penis size was not an issue with women and they were not concerned with the size.  It was the men who were worried about it and it was possibly more an ego thing than anything else.

Argionic Capsules are at least being honest about not trying to make you bigger.  There is no scientific evidence that any supplement or medication can increase length.  Even the mechanical extenders that say it will lengthen you don’t work so don’t waste your time and money.

Let’s find out more about Argionic Capsules to see if they can make sex more pleasurable for you.

Does it effectively increase testosterone levels?

Since there is virtually little known about this male sexual enhancer so it is hard to tell if testosterone levels are increased at all.  It does contain tribulus terrestris which is a testosterone booster but how much is in this formula is unknown.  The other ingredients that are suppose to be in this formula are:

  • L-arginine–is a proven ingredient that helps increase blood flow and relax blood vessels by stimulating the nitric oxide pathway.  This makes the blood vessels expand especially in the penis
  • Gingko Bioloba–this is suppose to help supply oxygen to increase blood flow to the penis
  • Maca Extract–an aphrodisiac
  • Yohimbe– an aphrodisiac that is said to increase the libido and improve blood circulation
  • Tribulus Terrestris–a testosterone booster

The problem with this male sexual enhancer is there is no information what so ever on how much of each ingredient is used in this formula.  Just because they may have some ingredients that may help with erectile dysfunction does not mean they are going to be strong enough to do you any good.

Is Argionic Capsules highly recommended by people who try it?

If we only knew! The only information about this product is the same blurb over and over again on several sites.  Word for word it is the same information which does not give you enough to tell much about it.  There are no consumer reviews posted anywhere so if people are using Argionic Capsules it is news to us.

Does it have a reasonable price?

Argionic Capsules are not available for sale anywhere on the internet.  It is a real mystery male sexual enhancer supplement.  If it is for sale they keep it a secret!  Some say it could be a scam which automatically puts it in the throw our pile!  Good thing you can not buy it so you don’t waste your hard earned money on a worthless product.

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