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Alpha T1

Hitting the gym and having a high caloric intake every day can be tiresome. When you are tired of putting in so much work and not getting the results you want, try turning to a testosterone booster.

The Alpha T1 Website states that it is the “#1 testosterone booster in the world”.

Clinically proven ingredients are used in this product to give you the most optimal performance. There are some great promises contained in this testosterone enhancement. We are going to take a closer look at the ingredients, side effects, and price to see if it is worth your time and money.
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What Does Alpha T1 Promise?

Alpha T1 promises customers several things. The first is an increase of muscle mass and strength. Second, you will be able to repair your muscles faster, thus promoting more exercise. Third, you will find that your body is suddenly losing fat more than before. Lastly, Alpha T1 can give you an enhanced sex drive.

Alpha T1 Ingredients

Before you consider purchasing Alpha T1, you should know what is inside of it. This is the only way to tell if a product can really work for your body.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the active ingredients inside Alpha T1:

D-Aspartic Acid. D-aspartic acid is an amino acid found in the endocrine glands. In one study, D-aspartic acid injection increased testosterone in rats, indicating that D-aspartic acid induces testosterone synthesis. [1]

Tribulus Terrestris is a muscle building component that can increase your testosterone levels like never before. It can improve your libido and your athletic performance. Tribulus Terrestris also contains 80% saponins levels which will give you double the power of this ingredient.

Testosterone Advantage. This patented form of boron may affect hormone concentration. Combined with other ingredients, it raised testosterone in rats. [2]

Forslean. Forslean is a standardized extract from the coleus forskohlii plant. In one double-blind study, forskolin, the active ingredient in coleus forskohlii, increased testosterone levels over a twelve-week period. [3]

Horny Goat Weed mimics the effects of testosterone, effectively stimulating libido and improving sexual performance.

Eurycoma Longifolia or longjack, is a natural testosterone booster – or so animal studies suggest. Human trials still need to be conducted in order to validate its performance.

Deer Antler Velvet. Deer antler velvet is not only touted to raise testosterone, but it could also treat arthritis and improve circulation. It carries several anti-aging effects as well. [4]

7-Keto DHA. Though it doesn’t increase testosterone, this chemical by-product speeds up the metabolism and promotes weight loss and muscle growth. It could even enhance memory and slow aging. [5]

Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC is a chemical released from plants that improves memory and thinking skills. It also increases growth hormone, which reverses some of the effects of age. [6]

AstraGin. AstraGin is a patented combination of astragalus and panax notoginseng to promote ingredient absorption. Astragalus has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to improve immune system health, [7] and panax notoginseng reduces blood pressure. [8]

Bioperine is extracted from black pepper and it increases the bioavailability of other nutrients for maximum absorption and benefits.

Alpha T1 Side Effects

Alpha T1 only uses natural ingredients. This significantly cuts down on the possibility of side effects. To date, there are no reported side effects caused by this testosterone booster. Some people might experience slight side effects for a few days as their body adjusts to the high doses of ingredients in Alpha T1. These mild side effects would most likely be things like headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

Will It Test Positive on A Drug Test?

Alpha T1 is not a steroid or prohormone and the ingredients inside should not result in a fake positive on a drug test. However, different athletic organizations have different rules, so you’ll want to check with your organization before using Alpha T1 just in case.

Recommended Usage

Alpha T1 should be taken regularly in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise in order to get the best results. To begin, take 3 capsules one to three times daily – in the morning, before/after a workout, and before bedtime. You can vary your dosage depending on your tolerance for the ingredients and your individual needs, but do not exceed more than 9 capsules daily.

When used as recommended, Alpha T1 should provide a boost in energy levels and strength within the first two weeks of use, though some individuals may experience faster or shorter results.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, there is a 100% money back guarantee. Simply use the testosterone enhancement for one month and if you are not satisfied, return the empty bottle within 60 days of your purchase. There are no questions asked and no need to explain.

There is currently a special going on for this product. The main website is selling Alpha T1 for only $49.95 versus the normal $99.95 price. You may be able to find testosterone boosters that cost less than Alpha T1, but few of them will be more effective.

Alpha T1 – Our Analysis

After looking at the ingredients, the side effects (or lack of side effects), the price, and the guarantee, we have decided that this product can actually give you all the results that it claims to produce. It will increase testosterone levels; boost your performance during a workout; and give you all the results you hoped to see after your workout. Make the most of your time at the gym by adding Alpha T1 to your daily routine.

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    is the product as good as robust this stays in boddy and helps sexdrive

    hans stammel
    January 11, 2014 at 7:47 pm

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