Alpha Performance Enhancer Review

Alpha Performance Enhancer

If you’ve longed to be an alpha male at the gym or on the court or field through boosting your performance and lean muscle gains, then one testosterone booster in particular, called Alpha Performance Enhancer (APE), promises to help you reach your fitness goals.

As its name suggests, APE has been marketed as the next great thing to hit the market when it comes to testosterone boosters. Of course, just about every product promises to be the next great thing – with some reaching expectations and some falling far short.

In this review, I’m going to let you know where APE stands and whether or not you should look into this product further.

What Does This Product Do?

For starters, APE has been designed to not only boost a body’s rate of testosterone production, but to free up bounded testosterone and to make testosterone levels more bio-available in the body.

Further, users of APE can expect to:

Enhance their fat loss and lean muscle gain
Increase their sexual performance and drive
Increase their energy and stamina levels

Speaking of the last point we mentioned, an increase in endurance – either in bed or at the gym – will also help to promote sexual performance, lean muscle gain and fat burning.

How Does This Product Do It?

Moving on then, let’s go over a few of the key ingredients found in APE that gives this product its powers. These include:

alpha performance enhancer supplement factsTestoSurge – This trademarked and patented compound’s main ingredient is Fenugreek extract. Studies have shown that Fenugreek has the unqiue ability to act as an aromatase inhibitor. Thus, it can stop testosterone from converting into estrogen.

This helps to make testosterone more bio-available in the body and ensures that a man does not have higher estrogen levels than normal – as findings have shown that high estrogen levels can be detrimental to a man’s health.

GlycoCarn – Another trademarked and patented compound found in APE, GlycoCarn’s main ingredient is glycine propionyl l-carnitine. With the help of glycine propionyl l-carnitine, GlycoCarn acts as a Nitric Oxide (NO) enhancer. In turn, NO promotes vasodilation of arteries to ensure a stronger and more consistent blood flow throughout the body.

Along those lines, the more nutrients and oxygen that a man’s body is getting, the healthier his body will be and the longer and harder he can train at the gym or on the field.

Long Jack Standardized Extract – This Sex Binding Globulin Hormone (SBGH) Inhibitor acts to increase the amount of free testosterone found in a body. SBGH is a common enemy to testosterone because of its ability to bind itself to testosterone, making testosterone unusable. But via Long Jack, bounded testosterone can be freed to do their job.

In addition to these aforementioned ingredients, the main testosterone booster found in APE is Eurycoma Longfolia.


Alpha Performance Enhancer is not a steroid, so you don’t have to worry about long-term, dangerous side effects or testing positive on a drug test. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s completely risk free.

Ingredients such as Long Jack may cause insomnia and restlessness, while Fenugreek can cause mild gastrointestinal distress. Certain medications may react negatively with APE, so you’ll need to consult your doctor before using Alpha Performance Enhancer (though no prescription is necessary).

How to Use Alpha Performance Enhancer

This dietary supplement should be taken for 5 days out of the week, with two days off in between cycles. To begin, take two capsules in the morning on non-training days or 60-90 minutes before your next workout. Do not exceed more than two servings (4 capsules) per day, and for best results, you’ll need to use APE for a minimum of eight weeks (though no longer than 12 continuous weeks). Allow for a four week break in between.

Product Price

20 servings of APE can be purchased for as cheap as $42.99 online, depending on who you go through. While this price may be a little steep…sometimes you simply have to pay a little extra for quality.

Currently, you can buy Alpha Performance from the following sites: $64.99 $42.99 $37.95

Shipping and return policies vary greatly between distributors, so you’ll want to double-check the individual store policies before purchasing. For example, offers a 30 day guarantee on all of its products, so if you don’t like your results, you can simply return the product for a full refund. While only offers returns on unopened products and charges a 25% restocking fee.

Is It Worth It?

To sum things up, I really enjoy the fact that APE not only boosts testosterone levels, but ensures that already-made testosterone is bio-available and free – ensuring that most, if not 100% of a body’s synthesized testosterone is put to good use.

This fact alone, gives APE an edge over many of its counterparts. As such, I would recommend at least further consideration of this product if you’re not willing to hit the purchase button just yet.

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