1-Androsterone RD Review

1 androsterone rd

If there is anything that I have learned in all my years working in the fitness world it is that sometimes products come around which are fantastic and you can hardly believe that they work so well yourself. Then before you can really enjoy the new product the company goes under and the supplement that you came to love can’t be found anywhere!

On the flip side, there are other times when a supplement comes onto the scene with lots of hype and high expectations. You can’t help but try out the product because of all the publicity. The next thing you know there is a recall on the product or the supplement is discontinued. No matter the case, neither supplement can be found anywhere and rarely can you find out reasons why exactly the product is no longer for sale.

This is the case for the testosterone booster 1 Androsterone RD (Rapid Delivery). The reviews that were posted were mainly positive, but, for one reason or another, 1 Androsterone RD cannot be purchased anywhere online.

Despite this, I’m still going to check it out to see if it ranks up there with products like Testoripped that are still on the market.

Does It Effectively Increase Your Testosterone Levels?

Advanced Muscle Science claim that 1Androsterone includes three components critical for any testosterone booster:

• A Legal Hormonal Derivative
• Reduced Estrogen Conversion
• Activation CoFactors

When many people think of testosterone boosters, they often think of steroid formulas that contain synthetic concentrations of testosterone. While an effective approach to improving physical performance, the use of steroids in many professional sports and leagues is deemed illegal, and consequently, bodybuilders and athletes need a safe and legal formula that offers the same results.

To fulfill the demand for performance enhancers, Advanced Muscle Science supposedly offers a derivative, known as Androsterone which is a weak androgen with a potency approximately 1/7th that of testosterone.

However, consumers should note that Androsterone is still a steroid hormone, and urine tests have been known to come back positive – strike one against 1-Androsterone RD.

Like so many other testosterone boosters now-a-days, 1-Androsterone RD also aims to reduce the conversion of estrogen. This is important because the body take the free testosterone and converts it into estrogen. When the estrogen conversion is slowed down that results in more free testosterone which is unbound and able to be used quickly during workouts and in times of recovery.

One of the good things about androsterone is that it converts into the hormone DHT while bypassing the need for intermediates such as androstenedione and testosterone. Unlike other androgens, DHT cannot be converted by the enzyme aromatose to estradiol, so your estrogen levels won’t skyrocket like other testosterone boosting ingredients.

As for the activation CoFactors? That pretty much means the use of hormones to increase the mass and strength. Even though this is what Advanced Muscle Science says is the most important part of any testosterone booster, I don’t see any evidence of this really coming into play as the hormone DHT exhibits very little effect on muscle in men because it breaks down too quickly – another strike.

What’s Inside?

1 androsterone rde supplement factsUnfortunately, I couldn’t find an exact ingredient label for 1-Androsterone RD, so I can only assume the formula contains the hormone 1-androsterone in a small concentration.

If you’d like, you can take a peak at the supplement facts for 1-Androsterone RDe, which supposedly offers all the same ingredients but with the addition of Rapid Dissolve F-Melt technology (which has no effectiveness on the actual ingredient, it just means the tablet will dissolve faster).

Is It Highly Recommended By People Who Try It?

The majority of testimonials came from people who seemed to be getting ready for competition or by those who see themselves as serious weight lifters. These reviews seemed fairly positive (almost to the point of faked), so I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

This being said, the biggest supporter was the creator of the supplement himself, which is good because if someone is going to make a product he should stand by it.

Does It Have A Reasonable Price?

The price on the web for 1-Androsterone RD ranges from $60-$80 through second party distributors such as Amazon.com.

There is no money back guaranteed offered for this testosterone booster but that doesn’t really matter because this product has been discontinued. Hopefully you didn’t have your heart set on this testosterone booster because not only is it not recommended but it can’t even be found to purchase online.

What Happened to 1-Androsterone RD?

Though it took a little bit of digging on my part, I can only assume that 1-Androsterone RD is no longer sold online due to the fact that it has been replaced with a formula known as 1-Androsterone RDe, a formula that is supposedly 30% stronger than the original.

Advanced Muscle Science did not disclose whether the original needed to be recalled or if they simply wanted to attract a larger market by changing the name and claiming it to be stronger than ever (a frequent occurrence in the industry).

Should You Buy 1-Androsterone RD?

Considering the high price, the difficulty of finding the original formula, and the fact that it may show up on your next drug test, I’d definitely give this one a no.

Instead, you may want to redirect your attention to products that are available. Testoripped can provide a lot of the same benefits without the hassle of having to find third-party vendors that still have the product for sale.

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